Forbo Case Study

Forbo flooring is using Basware in the Netherlands, France, Scandinavia and Switzerland to process around 40,000 invoices per year using Basware’s invoice, match, scanning, and ERP solutions.

This manufacturing, wholesale and retail organisation sells millions of meters of flooring products from the Netherlands to the USA, Australia, Eastern Europe, and the Far East every year. Prior to using Basware, they didn’t have a clear overview of which invoices were still outstanding or past their due date.

Now they are up and running in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, France, Switzerland, and the Netherlands and because of Basware’s track and trace solution, they always know exactly where an invoice is, what has happened to it, and what still needs to be done. They also process expense reports using Basware’s expense management solution.

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • How Forbo moved towards a paperless future and

  • Why they selected Basware from more than 20 suppliers.