Corporate Investment Bank

Moving invoice automation from on-premise to the cloud with Basware


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As a Basware customer since 2008, this client turned to Alusta to move invoice processing onto the cloud.

When your IT team doesn't have enough time to do their day jobs because they spend to much energy maintaining a data center and doing time-consuming software updates, it’s time to move to the cloud. That’s just one of the many reasons that this corporate investment bank moved from Basware’s on-premise solution to their cloud offering.

Since deciding to shift invoice processing from on-premise hardware to the cloud this company has been able to give their users mobile access to the Basware solution; customise the system to a greater extent than they were able to do so before; improve the searchability of their invoice content; and help their users and AP team pull information for internal and external audits within minutes.

The solution has been described as being critical to their day-to-day job and the use of Basware’s CloudScan solution has made fast, paperless invoicing possible, making life even easier for the AP team. Now everything is on one website, improving efficiency and user-friendliness, and there’s no limit on the number of users who can be on the system.

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • Their dedicated Basware customer service manager who is available whenever they need help and proactively keeps them abreast of new product features and
  • The efficiency, visibility, and control that they have been able to gain thanks to Basware’s procure-to-pay solution on the cloud.