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Discover how during the first 3 months of implementation, automated matching has saved Wulff employees 27 hours of work

Wulff Group Plc is the only Nordic listed company in the office supplies field. It offers a wide selection of products for various uses and therefore the number of suppliers is also large. Annually Wulff processes around 15,000 invoices. Efficient invoice processing supports good supplier relations that is crucial for its business.

For that reason, Wulff selected InvoiceReady solution already in 2015. Automated matching is the latest new feature that Wulff started to use. It allows to automatically match invoice to a purchase order and goods receipt. Goal is to continue minimising manual work and automate whatever possible.

“Automatic matching supports our operations”, says Wulff’s CFO Elina Hanén, “It has freed our people’s time for other non-routine work, and that bring us value.”

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