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Imerys Transforms Accounts Payable with Basware and System Integrator and Value-add advisor - Fluxym

Imerys, a global leader in mineral-based specialties, operates in 40+ countries, serving diverse industries from FMCG to automotive parts, with revenues exceeding €4 billion in 2022. With a workforce of 14,000 employees spread across the globe, Imerys thrives on technological innovation and industrial excellence.

Facing challenges stemming from growth by acquisition and reliance on multiple ERPs, Imerys recognized the need to modernize its Accounts Payable processes.

The impending rollout of Shared Services Centers necessitated a scalable and adaptable AP solution to integrate seamlessly with their new system and address evolving digital compliance regulations.

Consequently, Imerys sought a strategic partnership to drive this transformation, leading them to engage with Basware, a renowned provider of AP automation solutions, and Fluxym, a trusted advisor and experienced integration partner specializing in S2P solutions.

Key Takeways

10 ERPs

integrated with the solution


average invoice processing time


countries implemented in 6 months

Imerys' Challenges

Navigating Complexity in Accounts Payable

Imerys' complex organizational structure, coupled with reliance on over 10 ERPs, posed significant challenges in streamlining Accounts Payable processes. Operating through two Shared Service Centers located in Mexico and Greece, Imerys extends its services across 17 countries spanning North America and Europe.

The lack of standardization and limited access to enabling technologies delayed operational efficiency and compliance.

As Christophe Boden, Vice President of Shared Services and Continuous Improvement at Imerys, affirms, "We needed state-of-the-art processes to complement our Shared Services Centers rollout and prepare the implementation of SAP S/4HANA. Basware emerged as the ideal solution provider to digitize our AP operations and drive process efficiencies."

How Basware and Fluxym empowered Imerys' Digital Transformation

Imerys selected Basware to implement an automated AP system, starting with a pilot in the US and planning for future expansion across Europe. Basware's robust features, including adaptable workflows and seamless ERP integration capabilities, aligned perfectly with Imerys' diverse requirements.

"We chose Basware for its ability to connect seamlessly with our diverse ERP landscape and provide intuitive workflows", notes Christophe. 

The Role of Fluxym: The Trusted Advisor, Orchestrating Seamless Integration Across Continents

Fluxym, as a trusted integration partner of Basware, played a pivotal role in facilitating Imerys' European rollout. Patrick Van Osta, International Sales Manager at Fluxym, highlights their collaborative efforts, stating, "Imerys needed a partner well-versed in Basware systems to navigate complex ERP integrations across multiple countries."

Fluxym's expertise ensured a smooth adaptation of the US model to European requirements within tight timelines and budget constraints.

We chose Basware for its ability to connect seamlessly with our diverse ERP landscape and provide intuitive workflows.

Christophe Boden, Vice President of Shared Services and Continuous Improvement at Imerys


Unleashing Efficiency and Compliance

The implementation of Basware's AP automation system brought about transformative benefits for Imerys:

  • Enhanced User Experience: Imerys transitioned from manual paper-based processes to digital workflows, gaining full visibility into invoice processing and improving overall efficiency.
  • Regulatory Compliance: Basware's solution ensured compliance with evolving digital invoicing regulations across various countries, enhancing Imerys' global operations.
  • System Development and Workload Management: Imerys gained insights into invoice status and payment timelines, facilitating proactive workload management and resource allocation.

Future Strategies: Exploring the Cutting Edge of AP Innovation

Imerys intends to further optimize its AP processes by exploring advanced solutions like SmartPDF AI and SmartCoding offered by Basware. Christophe emphasizes,

We are exploring SmartPDF AI and SmartCoding to enhance accuracy and automation in our AP processes, driving greater efficiency and touchless processing rates.

Forging ahead with Basware and Fluxym

Imerys' strategic partnership with Basware and Fluxym has greatly improved its AP operations, driving efficiency, compliance, and innovation. With a commitment to continuous improvement, Imerys remains poised to thrive in the dynamic landscape of digital finance.

"As we continue to evolve, Basware and Fluxym remain valuable partners in our journey towards excellence," concludes Christophe.