AP Audit & Recovery

Make profit loss a thing of the past.

Basware’s AP Audit & Recovery service helps you identify and recover profits to maximize your working capital!

Even in large organizations with robust processes, unintended payment errors with suppliers can occur. These mistakes may seem minor, but they add up to substantial profit losses over time.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

With AP Audit & Recovery service, you can identify errors and increase your bottom line with our technology-enabled service while also:

  • Accelerate recoveries
  • Enhance supplier relations
  • Pinpoint root causes of erroneous fraudulent spend
  • Provide actionable, data-driven insights
  • Ensure full audit traceability
  • Minimize fraud exposure with risk identification

Unlock the potential for regaining profits with AP audit & recovery.

Armed with advanced technology, Basware’s expert audit team conducts an in-depth review of your disbursements and supplier statements to identify and recover funds you are owed. We handle the complexities  so you can focus on your core responsibilities.

Now get ahead with:

 Root Cause Analysis

Uncover payment error root cause to take corrective actions. Analyze trends in payment errors to refine processes.


Monitor document recovery process for audit compliance, ensuring the traceability of original documents.


 Analytics and Reporting Tool

Access our analytics and reporting tool during audits for insights into vendor management, fraud indicators, and compliance gaps.

 Transparency via Portal Access

Effortlessly track claim status, recovery amounts, and credit classification through portal access. This streamlined approach ensures seamless monitoring without disrupting your teams.

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Achieve best-in-class cash recovery with our enhanced product suite


Spend protected


Identified & Recovered in a year


Recovered for every 1B spent  

How you benefit from AP Audit and Recovery

 Quickly identify and Recover Profits

  • Knowing your AP team resources are stretched, our audit recovery team helps you swiftly identify and recover missed credits.
  • We discover overpayments, review supplier statements, ensure data quality, and flag potential payment fraud.

 Detect Anomalies with our Team

  • Our Audit Recovery team specializes in detecting payment variances and uncovering anomalies.
  • Our team uncovers duplicate vendor payments, erroneous transactions, and currency differences so you can focus on your core responsibilities.

 Improve Supplier Relations

  • Strengthen supplier relations by reducing errors, minimizing unnecessary contacts, and accelerating credit recovery.
  • This approach enhances efficiency, fostering collaborative and positive relationships with suppliers.

We enjoyed working with the Basware team; they’re easy to work with, and the technology helped identify a significant problem.

Robin Holdt, Global P2P Director, Huntsman Corporation

Why customers use Basware as their leading AP Automation Provider

True Automation

Cutting-edge technology powered by AI & ML that eliminates all manual processes

Complete Coverage

Global compliance capabilities and the ability to integrate with 250 ERPs across more than 190 countries

Deeper Expertise

40 years of specialized experience implementing best practices and reducing risk across finance operations

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