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Effective procurement at Finavia with a centralised purchase to pay solution

Finavia owns and operates 24 airports across Finland but the complexities of managing the purchase for these airports was not optimal – until they started working with Basware. Now they have a centralised purchase-to-pay solution that users actually enjoy using.

Having a single, uniform purchasing method across the Finavia group helped them boost the efficiency of their procurement function, while helping them reduce their number of suppliers by 40% (from 8,627 to 3,492).

But the benefits didn’t end there: using a combination of Basware’s purchase management, invoice processing, contract matching, and order matching modules across the Basware network Finavia was able to improve transparency and spend visibility. They are now using e-procurement for over 80% of purchases, meaning that 80% of spend is managed within the system. They are also using product catalogues to make call-offs easier and lower users’ resistance to change.

In short, Basware’s solutions have given Finavia centralised procurement, unambiguous processes and a full purchase-to-pay system.

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  • How the Basware solution consultant who coordinated the project added value to their lives and
  • How the Basware e-invoicing solution converts data to make sure that the right documents are delivered to the right person in the right format.