NHS Wales

Reducing paper invoices through automation






E-Invoice Receiving


How do you help people from a country’s national healthcare service place orders electronically, either as free-text or from a catalogue, in an enticing way?

This is exactly what Basware helped NHS Wales achieve.

The Basware Network allows NHS Wales to reduce the amount of paper invoices being received, processed, and scanned. It also allows suppliers to integrate their order management systems so that purchase orders can be collected electronically, as soon as they are sent, and orders can be provided automatically with no user intervention required.

Currently, all local health boards / trusts within Wales are live and able to issue electronic purchase orders and invoices. Feedback from users indicates that the Basware solution is flexible, easy to use, and is meeting their requirements.

Read the case study to learn more about:

  • How this has enabled the NHS Wales to join the wider xchangewales e-trading community and
  • How this ordering system has enabled the electronic sending of quotation requests to multiple suppliers and has enabled the sorting of quotes received by order of price.