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Join on the Basware Network and connect, transact, and collaborate with your customers. The Basware Network is the largest globally compliant open business network, an d it is supported by easy onboarding services, that require no fees to join.

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If your customer has not contacted you directly or provided you with instructions and a link in an email, or if you have any questions, please speak to your customer and they should be able to help.

You might also find our user guides mentioned below helpful.

Activate your supplier account

Once you join, it's easy to get started!

Step 1: Sign up by using the link supplied by your customer

Step 2: See which services your customer is encouraging you to use

Step 3: Start to send documents electronically - and we'll deliver them to your customer

Step 4: Find new customers and expand your network!

Why join the Basware Network?

The Basware Network connects you to all your customers across the globe. With Basware, you can receive purchase orders and send invoices electronically through a single access point, set up online catalogs and manage all your suppliers in one place. With the Basware Network, you can send 100% of your invoices electronically, and gain processing efficiencies and cost savings.

Basware is a certified PEPPOL access point and supports global e-invoice formats and VAT taxation in more than 50 countries, ensuring that you comply with global invoicing and archival regulations.


Invoice submission

Send e-invoices in a format that suits you and your customers

E-Invoicing is the easy and fast way to submit invoices. There are various ways to start e-invoicing to a Basware customer, so check out the alternatives your customer is offering.

  • Connect to your customer by sending PDF e-invoices or using a customer-provided free-of-charge service like strong Basware's Supplier Portal to key-in invoices online.
  • B2B Integration: Connect your own integrated e-invoice sending solution with Basware through any of our 220+ network partners.

Once you start e-invoicing you can significantly accelerate invoice processing and approval times, resulting in more timely payments, better customer relationships and enhanced cash management.

Set up catalogs

Create catalogs using tools in the Basware Marketplace

Online ordering is the way to do business. Give customers a consumer-style shopping experience for all their business needs.

Submit online catalogs to Basware customers through the Marketplace Product Manager. It is free to suppliers and enables easy catalog creation, maintenance and management - you can even share the content for multiple customers with a single registration. You will also get smart self-help tools for content enrichment.

If you've received a Marketplace registration link, use that to sign up and start to upload content.

Get purchase orders

Receive purchase orders with PO-flip

Easily turn POs into e-invoices with PO-flip and simplify your purchase-to-pay operations. Every time your customer submits a new order, you’ll get an email, and you can edit and confirm the order.

If you've been sent a registration link, use it to sign up to the service and get those orders flowing in.

Setup discount programs

Get paid earlier with Dynamic Discount

Dynamic Discount enables you to get paid earlier and improve visibility of your cash flow. This is a value-added service – to be able to use this service for a customer, you need to have e-invoicing in place.

If you've received a registration link, please use it to sign up to the service.

Key supplier data updated

Help your customer in their Supplier Management and keep your data updated

Organisations often struggle with managing their supplier data. The enormous amount of new and frequently changing supplier data makes it tough to keep up and manage these processes manually. You can help them by managing your own company and payment data and keeping it always up to date.

If you've received a Supplier Management registration link, use that to sign up and keep your own company data up to date.

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