Governance & Ethics

Basware is committed to ethical and compliant operations to reduce company risks and maintain our reputation.

What is Governance at Basware?

Our approach to Governance and Ethics is centered on ensuring our business operations have a positive social impact, including championing labor rights for our employees, reducing our environmental impact, combatting corruption, and protecting our customers’ information and data privacy.

Our Guiding Policies

We have established a comprehensive set of policies to inform decisions and guide our actions towards more sustainable and ethical business operations. Basware is continuously developing these policies and adds additional policies if needed based on statutory, business, and community requirements.

Basware’s key policies: 


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Compliance training

To ensure our employees have a thorough understanding of legal regulations, company policies, and ethical standards, we conduct an annual mandatory compliance training program. This program not only mitigates risks associated with non-compliance, but also fosters a culture of integrity, accountability, and ethical decision-making within Basware. 

Protecting information and increasing security

As a cloud-based service provider, we take any threats to our own and our customers’ information very seriously. We address information security risks proactively through policies, processes, and solutions that adhere to industry best practices for security measures, controls, and standards.  

We maintain ISO27001 certified Information Security Management System and are externally audited annually as part of our commitment to continuous security control improvement.  

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Ensuring data privacy  

We ensure data privacy compliance throughout our operations, ensuring we handle personal data about our employees, customers and partners with due care and in accordance with the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other applicable data protection laws.   

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Reporting concerns and misconduct

We encourage our employees and our suppliers to immediately report any suspected misconduct involving Basware operations. They can do this in person to their manager or HR, or confidentially via our whistleblowing channel. All employees who file a whistleblower report are protected from retaliation, including dismissal. 

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Quality Management

Our Quality Management System (QMS) serves as our manual for fulfilling our promise of providing a high-quality customer experience.

Our QMS explains our goals and processes for implementing our customer-centric approach and consistently meeting our customers’ needs.  

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