A cloud transformation love story

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Customer loyalty and trust weren’t the only reasons HOYTS decided to stay with Basware and move to the Cloud when its solution needed upgrading.

HOYTS is one of the world’s leading entertainment corporations. With more than 52 locations across Australia and New Zealand, and more than 100 years of experience in entertainment, it’s a familiar name in the region.

What’s less familiar with its viewing public is what happens behind the scenes.

HOYTS employs five AP staff to manage various business units spread over 50 locations and processes around 65,000 invoices a year. 100% of these invoices are captured through Basware, which has provided HOYTS with an “excellent” service for over 13 years.

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HOYTS'S Challenges

As long as customers get a great experience, they don’t necessarily need - or want - to know what goes on behind the scenes. Whether that’s behind the silver screen or behind the scenes with invoices, things happen in the background at the desks of the creditors and Accounts Payable (AP) team.

However, unlike in the movies, problems become apparent almost immediately if something goes wrong with AP.

HOYTS didn’t want to get to a stage where its on-premise system broke down, with the AP team struggling to pay 65,000 invoices manually. It wanted to stay ahead of the game. HOYTS looked at different options and performed various cost-benefit analyses. Throughout it all, Basware kept coming out on top.

We didn’t want to wait until the system broke down, and we were struggling to pay 65,000 invoices manually. We wanted to make sure we were ahead of the game." Niroshan David, Group Financial Controller, HOYTS.

Why HOYTS chose to stay with Basware and upgrade to the Cloud 

In line with the HOYTS philosophy of continuously improving to ensure that everyone has the best experience, they knew that it was time to give their AP and invoicing solution the attention it deserves.

We live in a world where technology is constantly changing, and critical business functions must be looked after.” Niroshan David, Group Financial Controller, HOYTS

HOYTS empowers its managers at sites to make sure they take charge and that customers have an enjoyable experience. HOYTS didn't want to implement a solution that would require a steep learning curve or have its managers spending hours on approval workflows.

The simplicity of the Basware P2P solution, the user functionality and the ability to allow automated processing were all seen as good indications that user adoption would be high. Additionally, moving to Basware P2P would allow for regular upgrades to the invoice system without reliance on IT to provide support, and because the company’s data was already within a Basware on-premise solution, migration was done without fuss or fanfare.

We wanted to stay up to date – to make sure that we’re setting ourselves up for the next 13 years. We wanted something reliable, flexible, has the right support and security. We reviewed a lot of products on the market, but, in the end, Basware was the best fit for us .

Niroshan David, Group Financial Controller, HOYTS


Basware P2P has the power to boost business agility, lower costs, improve the speed of processing, enable our customers to leverage more support, and provide better control of spend.

HOYTS expects to benefit from faster invoice processing, better compliance, and more discounting due to the system facilitating enhanced financial management.

Basware is a global brand. They’ve partnered already with some great companies, and we were ready to put our trust in Basware to take this new step into the unknown. Niroshan David, Group Financial Controller, HOYTS

HOYTS wanted to stay up to date – to make sure that it was setting itself up for the next 13 years. It also wanted something reliable, flexible, and with the proper support and security. And that’s what they got. Basware’s advanced reporting also wowed David.

To maintain the levels of standards and control that his team holds dear, David is happy that the company is continuing its journey with its partner Basware.