Basware Marketplace

Easily connect to your suppliers through catalogs and punchouts - with Basware Marketplace, now it all just happens.

What Basware Marketplace can do for you 

Basware delivers a comprehensive an online B2B marketplace, enabling you to connect to your suppliers through catalogs and punchouts. We drive supplier adoption by making it easy for your end-users to find the products and services they need to do their jobs. 

With Basware you can:

  • Easily drive purchases to preferred products, suppliers, and channels
  • Increase e-procurement user adoption levels and enhance real-time analytics
  • Maximise spend under management and control and capture of negotiated savings
  • Increase compliance with negotiated contracts and pricing
  • Eliminate the challenge of managing various catalog formats
  • Gain complete control to review new or updated catalogs before publishing them
  • Collaborative tools support improved supplier relationships
  • Effortlessly search and add Amazon Business items within Basware Marketplace

How Basware’s online marketplace can help 

 Supplier Managed Catalogs

Suppliers can create catalogs within the Marketplace and customize them for key customers with relevant products and pricing, so they can reuse the same content for multiple customers, significantly reducing the effort involved in catalog management. Alternatively, suppliers can also leverage punchouts if they want to manage the catalogs on their end. This increases supplier adoption and also ensures that end users have access to the most up-to-date products and pricing in the Marketplace.

 Buyer Managed Content

One of the key drivers to user adoption of any procurement solution is the availability of products and services that users want to procure. Basware Marketplace makes it easy for organizations to make these available by allowing procurement professionals or admin users on the buyer side to manage purchasable content on behalf of suppliers, through agent agreements.

 Automated Catalogue Update

Online stock integration – from both supplier systems and internal inventory solutions – means that requisitions have easy visibility into item stock levels and can avoid unnecessary review and approval of non-available items. Once suppliers have provided their content in the Marketplace catalogs, there is no further effort involved for future updates to stock information. Integration through automated file transfer allows for frequent inventory updates, without the need for human intervention.

 Supplier Collaboration

Basware also supports collaboration and communication between buyers and suppliers, especially when it comes to any changes made to the catalog content. The solution is flexible to allow buyers to determine whether changes to catalogs or items need to go through an approval workflow or can be approved automatically. For example, minor updates like changes to product images can be made without the need for approval, whereas any price changes will need approval by the buyer. 

Basware solutions are a perfect fit for:


    Globally operating organizations using Basware AP Automation with a desire to streamline indirect spend across all locations


    Finance Shared Service Centers  with a need for streamlined processes


    Multi-ERP environments by integrating with any ERP

Achieve best-in-class automation with Basware


of invoices associated to POs and spend plans


first-pass match on associated invoices


of invoices ready to pay before due-date

How Basware Marketplace drives value for you

 Increase Spend Under Control

With guided purchasing and up-to-date catalogs, Basware Marketplace ensures employees primarily purchase from preferred suppliers at negotiated prices.  

 Increase Supplier Adoption

Self-service tools for the management and distribution of e-catalogs to one or more buyers increases supplier adoption and also ensures that end users have access to the most up-to-date products and pricing. 

 Gain Visibility Across your Spend

Armed with data and visibility into company spending, you will be in a better position to drive operational savings, ensure compliance with negotiated contracts, and consolidate spend.    

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We want our employees to have a positive attitude towards the e-procurement system, so implementation has been carried out in cooperation with the users.


With Basware eProcurement, our adoption rate surged 30% and our savings increased 25% over the previous year.

YMCA of The North

Thanks to the Basware solution,we’ve been able to implement a new culture that is focused on procurement as a strategic process

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True Automation

Cutting-edge technology powered by AI & ML that eliminates all manual processes

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Global compliance capabilities and the ability to integrate with 250 ERPs across more than 190 countries

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40 years of specialized experience implementing best practices and reducing risk across finance operations

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