Basware Insights

Need a virtual business advisor in AP? Now data-driven recommendations just happen.

What Basware Insights can do for you

The next-generation of AP and Invoice Automation is built on the premise of understanding: Why did you need to touch the invoice, how many times, how long did it take, and by how many people?

Basware Insights takes a fresh approach by acting as your process discovery tool. The service delivers data-driven recommendations that help you focus on the most effective ways to improve your processes in the areas having the biggest ROI. It makes the consumption of insights easy, shortening the time to find relevant and timely insights to achieve touchless invoice processing.

Basware Insights provides:

  • An overview of KPIs relevant to touchless invoice processing
  • A cockpit view of your AP performance, allowing you to set KPI targets for your organizations and suppliers, and track their progress
  • Actionable insights and tips on how to improve the touchless rate and achieve desired business outcomes

Basware solutions are a perfect fit for:


    Globally operating organizations with a desire to harmonize all invoice processes across all locations


    More than 50.000 invoice transactions per year, across multiple formats (for less invoices, see P2P for Mid-Market solutions)


    Finance Shared Service Centers with a need for speed


    Multi-ERP environments by integrating with any ERP

Your virtual advisor for Accounts Payable

 Efficiency and increased productivity

Turn your AP Clerks into AP Analysts. From inefficient to agile and effective, consumption of data is easy with clear recommendations.

 Deeper, broader, and more focused insights

From manual handling of invoices to analyzing the data to find deviations and taking the action to improve the process.

 Flexibility without customisation

Users can find actionable insights without first needing to slice and dice the data. No more custom ad-hoc extracts.

 Empowered by data

Dynamic dashboard recommendations that highlight the areas to focus to improve KPIs.


What can you achieve when True Automation happens?


touchless processing


electronic invoicing


paid on time

How Basware Insights leads to Touchless Invoice Processing

 Streamline the Process

Enable your team with concrete recommendations on how to reduce inefficient and unproductive processes.

 Finetune the Engine

Gain a cockpit view of your AP performance with actionable insights on how to improve your touchless rate.

 Optimize Efficiency

Reduce manual and repetitive tasks to increase value-added output and efficiency.

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AP Automation customers

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Why customers use Basware as their leading AP Automation Provider

True Automation

Cutting-edge technology powered by AI & ML that eliminates all manual processes

Complete Coverage

Global compliance capabilities and the ability to integrate with 250 ERPs across more than 190 countries

Deeper Expertise

40 years of specialized experience implementing best practices and reducing risk across finance operations


Can I use Basware Insights as standalone solution?

No, it´s a module of the Basware AP solutions and works hand in hand to drive your journey to touchless invoice processing. 

What´s the difference between Basware Analytics and Basware Insights?

Basware Insights contains existing analytics and much more - it is the compass on your journey to touchless processing end-to-end, no matter what is the reason for manual touches today.

Basware Insights provides more detailed visibility into invoice origin and the whole invoice process through the advanced dashboards, which enable you to take concrete actions to reduce touches. Basware Insights actionable recommendations will take away the need to slice and dice the data to find relevant information. This lowers the barrier to adopt analytics, shortens the time to insights and results in savings through time better spent.