Our Social Impact

Basware is committed to positively contributing to society and our own people.

We aspire to create a safe, healthy, and inclusive company that has a positive impact on our employees, customers, and local communities. We do this by cultivating a positive culture that encourages learning and diversity, as well as by considering our impact on society as a whole.

Making Basware a great place to work, everyday 

Basware prides itself not only on award-winning technology, but also on the talent of our people. Our success is made possible by the hard work, daily dedication, and insatiable passion of the approximately 1,400 employees working across 15 countries, representing over 30 different nationalities.

As a company we are committed to the wellbeing of our employees and continuously progressing toward a more inclusive culture. This is led by internal committees who champion initiatives such as Wellbeing and Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging (DEI&B).

Our culture is underpinned by our core values that guide our global teams to deliver their best every day:


We Drive Customer Value

We care about delivering long-term value to our customers, partners, and fellow Baswareans. We always strive for agile and responsive ways of working.


We Take Ownership

We are trusted collaborative partners taking imitative and accountability. We act with integrity and aim for sustainability in everything we do. 


We Are Bold

We have the confidence to explore, challenge and continuously improve. We are proud advocates of what we do. We value diversity of background and opinions as the foundation of innovation and growth. 


Open Dialogue - Annual employee surveys

We conduct employee engagement surveys, called YourVoice, providing us with valuable insights into the sentiments of Baswareans and areas where we can make improvements as a company.

We engage in open discussions regarding the survey results and collaboratively develop improvement plans together with our employees on a global, regional, functional and team level.

Diversity Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Our goal is to empower all employees to bring their authentic selves to work, knowing that their unique perspectives and experiences contribute to our collective growth. Together, we strive to build a culture that embraces diversity, promotes equity, and celebrates the power of inclusion.

  DEI&B Framework

Our framework for DEI&B serves as the foundation for our diversity policies, processes, and targets, as well as all other activities we run throughout the year.

  DEI&B policies

Our Employee Relations Policy and our Code of Conduct outline Basware’s commitment to DEI&B by recognizing and respecting all individuals regardless of race, sex, religion, political beliefs, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, social status, age, or any other legally protected status, resulting in a respectful and productive work environment.

  Increasing awareness through training

In our ongoing efforts to promote DEI&B, we have integrated this topic into our compliance training program and onboarding process. Additionally, we provide supplementary diversity training through LinkedIn Learning, offering employees ongoing opportunities for education and growth.

  Raising awareness and celebrating DEI&B

This is led by an internal employee committee. During the past year, we have been celebrating and raising awareness amongst employees through various activities such as International Women's Day, Mental Health Awareness Month, Pride, Movember as well as Diversity Days across our offices globally.

  Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

We have several ERGs that help us to advance, create a sense of belonging, provide resources for professional development, and, thereby, contribute to a more inclusive work environment. Our employees also have the opportunity to join ERGs facilitated by AKKR (the private equity firm who back Basware).


See our Sustainability Report for more information on DEI&B at Basware ->

Wellbeing and Health & Safety

Ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of our employees is one of the key focus areas at Basware. We host webinars, learning days, and utilise multiple collaborative technologies and wellbeing tools to help support everyone with the day-to-day aspects of working and improve various aspects of our employees’ lives.

 Wellbeing Hub

The Wellbeing Hub provides wellbeing-related information for our employees, including physical, mental, and emotional energy.

 Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform

The Virgin Pulse Wellbeing Platform addresses a variety of aspects of wellbeing, including physical and mental health, personal development, and work-life integration.

 Auntie The Mental Health Service

Auntie The Mental Health Service puts mental health first by providing access to counselling services and resources, resulting in a healthier environment.

 LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning for everyone provides access to continuous learning, which promotes professional growth, development, and wellbeing.

 Country-specific Benefits and Insurances

Country-specific health and safety related benefits and insurances are provided for our employees to support and encourage our employees to take care of their wellbeing.

 Hybrid Working Model

The Hybrid Working Model promotes work-life balance, mental health, and overall wellbeing.

Growth Culture - Training & Development

At Basware, we are dedicated to ensuring that we have skilled employees and leaders. We promote a culture of everyday learning, encouraging our employees’ personal and professional development.



Social Outreach and Charitable Giving

Basware’s social outreach and charitable giving initiatives are inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Basware gives back through charitable donations on a corporate level as well as smaller, employee led local Initiatives.



We believe that every act of charitable giving, no matter how small, makes a meaningful difference. In 2023, we looked at ways to grow and formalize our charitable giving through programs with our customers,and supporting our employees to give back to their local communities.”

Jane Broberg, CHRO, Basware

Basware Gives Back

Launched in 2024, Basware Gives Back allows all employees one working day per year to do volunteer work – whether it's giving their time to do something for their local community or raising funds for a good cause, it enables all employees to play their part and make a positive impact on the communities where we operate.

Here are a few ways in which Baswareans gave back to their local communities in 2023:



Our Basware France colleagues ran for a good cause, raising funds to support AFM Telethon research programs and services for people with neuromuscular diseases.



The team in India made a donation of INR 1,216,831 to the Prime Minister Relief Fund, an annual contribution as part of their commitment to social responsibility.