Sustainability in Our Products

At Basware, we empower organizations to embrace more sustainable, compliant, and resilient processes that benefit both business and society.

Enabling organizations with digitalization

Basware offers innovative products that enable organizations to digitize their financial processes for greater efficiency, transparency, and sustainability. Our three core offerings – AP Automation, Procure-to-Pay Automation, and the Basware e-Invoicing Network – help companies on their journey to touchless procurement and frictionless supplier collaboration.

By optimizing financial operations through automation and digitization, Basware enables businesses to lower costs, improve agility and meet their ESG goals.

The Environmental Impact of Basware’s Product Operations

Basware is committed to environmental sustainability through various initiatives that go beyond paper reduction. Our solutions leverage digitization and automation to enable companies to track and reduce carbon emissions within financial processes.

Additionally, our commitment extends to responsible supplier relationships, as the Basware Network facilitates digital onboarding and interaction, contributing to the reduction of supplier risk and promoting environmentally responsible sourcing practices.

By emphasizing carbon reduction and fostering environmentally conscious practices in our network, Basware aims to create a positive impact on the environment, aligning with our dedication to ESG principles.

Current Product Offerings

Basware Analytics includes a dashboard that calculates the CO2 emissions savings achieved by processing electronic invoices instead of paper invoices. It also calculates the number of trees and water saved by switching to electronic invoicing.

The CO2 dashboard helps our customers see the effect of their invoice processing on the environment, which can further motivate them to move their suppliers from paper invoices to purely electronic invoices.

Future Innovations

In our ongoing commitment to ESG initiatives, Basware is actively exploring innovative avenues to enhance sustainability practices and empower our customers in their ESG journey.

We are diligently working on providing customers enhanced visibility, offering detailed insights into their carbon footprint. This initiative aims to provide our clients with a comprehensive view of the carbon footprint across their entire supply base.

Basware is dedicated to supporting our customers in their efforts to adopt more sustainable business practices.


Our Customers

Our solutions are tailored for large enterprises and we now have over 900 customers worldwide, with an extensive customer base in the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Germany, and the Nordics.

As a trusted partner, we empower organizations to embrace more sustainable, compliant, and resilient processes that benefit both business and society.

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Industry Insights

Basware is dedicated to leading the industry by actively seeking and leveraging the latest research. 

In November 2023, we commissioned research with Forrester to gauge the importance of ESG on the finance function. The research found that 90% of accounts payable (AP) decision-makers in the EU and 74% in the US are considering enhancing their ESG footprint as a top priority over the next two years.

basware-ardent partners-report-ap-metrics-that-matter-in-2024

Ardent Partners

In the latest research from Ardent Partners, they found that the average enterprise still receives half (50%) of its invoices in paper format. Basware's automated e-invoicing platform and online portal helps customers slash their paper-based invoicing by 80%, resulting in less than 10% of invoices being paper-based. By going paperless with digital invoicing, businesses cut their carbon emissions.

Want to read more?

Read Basware's 2023 Sustainability Report to learn more about how we manage ESG.