Touchless Invoice Processing

Hands-off. Hands-free. That's what invoice processing should be.

What does touchless invoice processing do for you?

If you want to transform from manual and siloed ways of working into the most automated accounts payable process possible, look no further. We help companies automate not just PO-based invoices but also non-standardised invoices, which makes all the difference. We cover:

  • Invoices with POs from various ERP or purchasing systems
  • Recurring invoices
  • Non-PO-backed invoices
  • Even invoices with additional charges

All can be processed in a fully touchless manner with our AI-powered automation technology.

This not only minimises manual efforts for both end users and AP professionals but empowers them with actionable insights on how to continuously optimise operations.

Basware solutions are a perfect fit for:


    Globally operating organizations with a desire to harmonize all invoice processes across all locations


    More than 50.000 invoice transactions per year, across multiple formats (for less invoices, see P2P for Mid-Market solutions)


    Finance Shared Service Centers with a need for speed


    Multi-ERP environments by integrating with any ERP

How Touchless Invoice Processing solves common automation use cases


Automating up to 100% of your invoices requires smart solutions for every automation use case along the invoice process. Learn how you can maximise your automation rate:

  Invoice Ingestion for 100% of your invoices

Automate the handling of PO, non-PO, direct purchasing, paper, and recurring invoices in all formats including EDI, XML, PDF and even paper. Most Basware customers automate the bulk of their invoices with SmartPDF - our automated data capturing service for PDF invoices, which takes any machine-readable PDF invoice and automatically turns it into an electronic invoice.

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 Flexible Matching beyond 3-way matching

Use any combination of the invoice, POs, external POs, goods receipts, quality checks, contracts, etc. at the line level and header level for straight-through processing. And when information is missing, recognition methods can review the available data and calculate the best matching scenario for you.

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 Basware Insights that drive action

Our touchless invoice processing dashboard will not only show KPIs relevant to your touchless invoice process, but also provide actionable recommendations on how to improve the process in a continuous journey. This gives you a helicopter view into specific areas across the invoice process allowing focused process improvement initiatives.

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  Automated Coding with SmartCoding

Basware AP Automation goes beyond just using pre-defined coding templates. SmartCoding is a Machine Learning (ML-)based solution generating very accurate invoice coding proposals for your non-PO invoices. This increases processing speed, gives more control to AP teams and improves data quality.

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 Spend Plans for recurring invoices 

Basware AP Automation easily identifies recurring invoices and supports the automation of these invoices – whether they are based on schedules, budgets, or amounts.

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 Exception Handling with minimised touches

Truth be told, there might always remain a small portion of invoice exceptions. This is the information we use to further improve the automation rate step by step.

What can you achieve by implementing Basware Touchless Invoice Processing


Touchless processing


Electronic invoicing


Paid on time

How touchless invoice processing drives value for your AP

 Business Insights

Basware Business Insights operates like a virtual data analyst by segmenting the data, showing the deviations, and recommending action to improve the process. This empowers your staff for continuous optimisation and turns AP into a data insight hub.

 Valuable automation

Hyperautomated AP with out-of-the box AI technology delivers strong, tangible business outcomes and helps you build credibility internally for the power of automation through long-term value creation.

 Experts on hand

Accelerated Success with Customer Service. Basware experts work with you to adopt AP automation faster, help you to optimise your solution using insights, and empower you to push the limits for what can be automated.

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By completely eliminating paper, many errors are avoided, and invoice validation has become easy.

Toyota Industrial Equipment SA

We have increased the level of automation and seen a dramatic decrease in processing errors thanks to the automatic matching of invoices using automated rules.


It’s early days but we’ve quickly been able to achieve 65% end to end ‘touchless’ automatic matching in North America. This significantly reduces paper processing and enhances our internal controls over a large portion of our spend.

Ritchie Bros

Why customers work with Basware to make automation happen

True Automation

Cutting-edge technology powered by AI & ML that eliminates all manual processes

Complete Coverage

Global compliance capabilities and the ability to integrate with 250 ERPs across more than 190 countries

Deeper Expertise

40 years of specialized experience implementing best practices and reducing risk across finance operations

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What is touchless invoice processing by definition?

Most providers claim to do “touchless invoice processing”, but it does not mean the same thing for every solution. By definition, touchless invoice processing means invoices are processed literally touchless – hands-off, completely automated, and do not require anyone in AP to do anything unless there is a discrepancy (e.g. – price difference, outside tolerance, etc.).

Our goal for you at Basware is to leverage the advanced technology we offer to shift the majority of your invoices to this touchless state, so that your AP team can shift focus to only resolving invoice discrepancies – what we call managing by exception. And our vision is to also automate those exceptions one by one to really automate the full process.

At Basware, when we say ‘touchless invoice’ we mean that when an invoice is sent to your company:

  • The invoice data is automatically extracted from that invoice and mapped into Basware AP Automation
  • PO-backed invoices are automatically matched to POs, goods receipts, and any other required matching points
  • Non-PO invoices are automatically sent to the right individual(s) for review/approval
  • Once matched or approved, invoices are automatically sent to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tool for payment without involving anyone from your AP department

This also includes not going into other systems to make corrections or manually perform tasks related to this process (e.g. – issuing a PO after the invoice is received or editing a PO to make it match).

What if I already have a procure-to-pay or procurement solution?

Basware is not a jealous provider. We have built a technical foundation on the concept of integration and ‘plug and play’ solutions. If you are using a different procurement solution to create POs or generating POs from your ERP – that’s no problem at all. Our superior integration capabilities will pull that PO data into Basware and automatically match your invoice to it.

Other providers on the market require you to use their procurement tool to get that automated match, but at Basware, we prefer to minimize the impact to your business. We believe in getting you automation for all your invoices, providing visibility over your direct and indirect spending, and fitting into your existing IT landscape.

Tell us about your existing IT solution landscape when you contact us and our subject matter experts will be ready to explain the various integration opportunities.

Does AP Automation replace my ERP system?

An AP automation solution does not replace your ERP system(s) but complements them to automate all AP related processes.

If you’re like a lot of companies, you have multiple ERPs and back-office systems in use. To truly get control of enterprise spending and streamline operations in AP, these systems must communicate data to each other – and that should not be a manual process of data exporting and importing. If you want to get the most return on your investment, go with a AP automation solution that is designed to integrate with 250+ ERP systems simultaneously. Your life will be so much easier.

If you want to know what an AP Automation solution can do for you that an ERP can´t do, read this blog.

What is your pricing model for this?

Basware’s solutions scale according to the selected functionalities and business volumes. You can start small, achieve concrete business outcomes, and then expand the solution according to your needs.

The subscription model offers a simple, predictable and scalable model for pricing. Select your commitment level – the more you commit to, the lower your unit costs. Additional fees only apply in case of additional functionalities or customizations.

Speak to our sales team to get more details on our pricing model, a business case calculation and proposal specific to your company’s needs.