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The future looks bright for Boels Rental now they’re fully embracing invoice automation with Basware.

The future looks bright for Boels Rental now they’re fully embracing invoice automation with Basware - so much so that its Head of AP in Europe says he “can’t wait to go to work tomorrow to automate, automate, automate.”

Boels Rental is one of the largest plant equipment rental companies in Europe. Boels offers access to the largest and broadest range of modern and top-quality equipment and tools.

Boels has 750 branches in 17 European countries and prides itself on supporting even the most extraordinary requests from its customers.

Given Boels pan-regional structure, it has a highly complex financial system and processes. Boels needed a partner who could deliver help increase efficiencies and take them on a journey of automation.

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Boels's Challenges

Boels Rental needed a partner who could automate incoming invoices in a diverse range of formats: XML invoices, machine-readable PDF, or e-invoices. It also wanted to use templates for non-PO invoices and payment plans for recurring costs such as rent, electricity, gas, etc.

Increasing the efficiency of the AP function was seen as a critical requirement. Automation was seen as the key to reducing headcount while supporting the organization's growth dramatically.

Finally, the highly complex nature of Boels’ invoice pre-booking system meant internal processes needed to evolve. But to support that, Boel’s needed improved visibility into where bottlenecks within the organization existed, specifically within the approval process.


Boels Rental are now fully embracing invoice automation with Basware

Boels implement Basware AP Automation and the Basware Network. As part of the solution, Boels gained access to the built-in analytics tools in the Basware AP. This helped Boels identify where problems in the approval processes lay. 

When I first heard about Basware’s capabilities, I thought there would be many opportunities to automate invoices – that was what impressed me the most and how we could do that.Rob van der Hagen, Head of Accounts Payable, Boels Rental.

With support from Basware, Boels began updating its processes and training its people. “When I look back now, we’ve had some good consultants from Basware’s Advisory Services team. They challenged us to look at our processes and see how we could change that."

Alongside these changes, Basware took responsibility for scanning and capturing all Boels’ paper invoices into the system. These invoices were then automatically available to the AP teams to review and process.

In addition, a supplier enablement campaign was run to educate suppliers on Boels new network solution and how suppliers could send machine-readable PDFs directly to the Basware portal.

I came here to automate. I want the same team size but to automate 80% of our invoice processing. I think we can get there with Basware’s help.

Rob van der Hagen, Head of Accounts Payable (AP) Europe, Boels Rental


Boels Rental is very enthusiastic about their Basware solution. Boels now receives over 45% of their invoices electronically, compared to below 5% before implementing Basware AP.&

In addition, Boels has been able to resolve compliance challenges it faced operating in multiple markets across Europe, thanks to the innovative use of VAT templates available within Basware. Using templates to help the team pre-code ledger entries and identify cost centers has helped improve automation significantly.

Boels has also created payment plans within Basware’s Spend Plan functionality to process recurring invoices automatically. From a productivity gain, Boels has reduced its AP team from over 50 people down to 25 and continues to find efficiency gains in its invoice handling processes.