Van Gansewinkel Case Study

Van Gansewinkel is a European supplier of waste services with a large emphasis on sustainability. But even though they're huge advocates of sustainable alternatives, for a long time they were stuck in a heavily paper-based and manual invoice process.

In order to combat the amount of paper, they decided to implement electronic invoicing (e-invoicing) to decrease the amount of paper invoices they processed. After implementing e-invoicing, Van Gansewinkel began receiving 30% of invoices electronically. And to combat the remaining 70%, they implemented Basware Scan and Capture.

Download the full case study learn:

  • How Van Gansewinkel got their suppliers onboarded.

  • The benefits Van Gansewinkel gets from the Basware Network.

  • How Van Gansewinkel intends on extending automation across their entire purchase to pay (P2P)