Customer Success - Rhätische Bahn - Basware Invoice Automation

Customer Success - Rhätische Bahn - Basware Invoice Automation

Every customer case is unique, and some differ more from ‘standard’ than others. The IT infrastructure consisted of different solutions; a multitude of bespoke and standard with high levels of customization. Furthermore, there were different solutions in place per department with specific processes and procedures and competing priorities and requirements.

Jörg Steiner, IT Project Manager @ Rhätische Bahn took up the challenge and decided that Basware’s cloud-based P2P solutions were a great starting point to move to a uniform way of working. And, beyond standardizing processes this also showcased that digital transformation could help the company to work smarter and more efficiently. 

In this webinar, he will share experiences on several key topics, including:

  • addressing complex order matching, where essential data is missing

  • tailormade workflows

  • exception handling

  • and how Rhätische Bahn got help from Arcplace to make their company get on track and run as smooth as a Swiss clockwork.

This webinar is co-hosted by Johannes Egli and Robbert Spierings both working for our Swiss partner Arcplace.