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Shared Services Reimagined: Mastering Complexity

#Accounts Payable #Digital Transformation

In a dynamic business landscape, shared services centre (SSC) play an integral role in driving efficiency and navigating complexities. Originally designed for high-volume transactional tasks, SSC have now evolved to tackle intricate analytical work.  

Tune in to this insightful on-demand webinar featuring Tom Olavi Bangemann, Tom Santacroce, and Sarah Fane as we explore the critical adaptations required for shared services to maintain relevance and add enduring value in the years ahead. 

Key discussion points covered included: 

  • Agile Infrastructure: Building a strong data and tech foundation for agility, competitiveness, and compliance. 
  • Redefining Value: Understanding the shift from transactional tasks, exploring the reasons behind reshoring trends. 
  • Proactive Finance Strategies: Learning proactive cash management and risk mitigation approaches. 
  • Global Workflow Efficiency: Discovering effective methods to manage global, complex workflows. 
  • Data Visibility Matters: Clear, accurate data visibility is vital for informed decision-making. 
  • Future Insights: Gain inspiration from shared services' experiences for future organizational direction. 
Shared Services Reimagined: Mastering Complexity