Oil & Gas Industry factsheet

Basware’s suite of purchase-to-pay (P2P) solutions for the oil and gas industry deliver increased efficiency and cost savings. Comprehensive tools rein in maverick spending and deliver real-time visibility into overall spend. 

The P2P solution suite also enables organisations to easily manage their assets and inventory and automate the complex materials transfer processes. Organisations can track high-value goods as they move from one location to another and then track value of items based on their condition. 

Read our fact sheet to learn about the benefits Basware brings to the oil and gas industry, including:

  • See cash commitments and spend against AFEs 

  • Track the location, condition, and valuation of materials

  • Create a complete audit trail for the movement of materials 

  • Eliminate maverick spending and prevent budget overages 

  • Reduce approval workflow bottlenecks 

  • Decrease cycle times in the purchase-to-pay process 

  • Ensure compliance with SarbanesOxley

  • Increase compliance with internal purchasing policies