General Compliance Notice on Basware Services

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The Basware Group consists of Basware Corporation (parent company, headquartered in Finland) and several subsidiary companies worldwide, owned by Basware Corporation. Each of our group companies is established, employs people and operates in accordance with the applicable legal requirements.

We offer services which concern certain operations of our customers which might be regulated by law. This Compliance Notice affirms, in general, that our services can assist our customers to comply with certain legal requirements which apply to their processing of orders and invoices.

Companies purchase and sell goods and services. Companies receive, send, book and archive the related orders, invoices and other business documents. Companies validate and pay incoming invoices, possibly relying on financing solutions.

We at Basware offer standard automation services for procurement and account payable and receivable processes, such as Basware Purchase to Pay and e-Invoicing services. 

We recognise that our customers, in many countries, need to comply with legal (electronic) invoicing and bookkeeping requirements when processing certain business documents, such as orders and invoices, and when relying on financing solutions. As our services precisely concern our customers’ processing of business documents and answer to our customers’ financing needs, we design our services, in a standardised way, to assist our customers to comply with these specific legal requirements.

We provide these compliance assisting services as described in our applicable Basware service descriptions, service level agreements and general terms ( These documents form part of our standard sales agreement which governs our relationship with our customers.

We trust that this Compliance Notice helps our customers to understand that Basware is not responsible for compliance with any of the legal requirements which apply to our customers, but that our services can assist our customers to comply with certain service related legal requirements that apply to them and for which they remain responsible.

Kind regards,