What’s now and next for finance and procurement?

A new report from The Economist Intelligence Unit: Automation, digitisation and the future of global trade

What’s now and next for finance and procurement?

What’s now and next for finance and procurement?


The affect of technology, innovation, and the shifting dynamics of global trade are influencing every facet of purchase to pay (P2P). These trends and the changes they bring are felt by every role, including additional pressure on Finance and Procurement professionals. In order to future-proof their organisations, these roles must look for ways to prepare themselves and their companies for the next steps in Finance and Procurement.

In this report, written by The Economist Intelligence Unit and sponsored by Basware, we examine the emerging dimensions of three global macrotrends affecting the future of P2P

      1. Automation,

      2. Digitisation, and

      3. The changing dynamics of international trade

Based on a survey from over 400 Finance and Procurement executives in the US, UK, France, and Germany, this report discusses these three global trends and uses expert insights to predict what parts of these trends will affect companies the most, what their impact will be, and best practices in how to prepare.

Download the report to find out how finance and procurement executives are prepping their organisations for the most important trends shaping their futures.