Billentis e-Invoicing Report 2017

Billentis e-Invoicing Report 2017

Unleash the power of e-invoicing/ e-billing

The Billentis e-Invoicing Report 2017 is an extensive document providing all the relevant information for succeeding with an e-Invoicing, from scratch to rollout. The report not only provides facts about the current state of e-invoicing, but also qualitative views, evaluation, and details about the solutions offered by a range of providers.

Read the report to understand:

  •  Global market landscape

  •  Trends & the changing environment

  •  Emerging technologies in the industry

  •  How to succeed with e-Invoicing project

  •  Legal acceptance of electronic invoices

"Digital transformation is no longer an option, it’s the imperative. It is rather a question how to unleash the power of digitalisation while maintaining a healthy business" – Billentis Report 2017

Researched, authored and edited by an independent international e-Invoicing consultant and market analyst, this report offers some insightful analysis and useful statistics on the global state of e-Invoicing in 2017.