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100% Spend Visibility with Basware e-Procurement Software

e-Procurement for how people work - data to drive strategic procurement

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Basware offers the most advanced e-procurement solution on the market to achieve 100% user adoption and automate the entire procurement process from catalog management to order requisition all the way through fast approval workflows, PO delivery, receipt of goods, spend analytics, and beyond. But it’s not just about an intuitive user experience, it’s the advanced technology beneath the surface that sets us apart. 

Limited Spend Visibility

When you don’t have 100% spend visibility, it’s impossible to enact the initiatives that drive cost savings mandated by the CEO and enable a strategic approach to procurement.

Limited spend visibility is a problem you’re likely facing if:

  • You can’t easily see how much you’re spending each month by category, supplier, managed vs. maverick spend or PO vs. Non-PO
  • Surprise invoices keep popping up in AP and throwing-off forecasts
  • You can’t tell how purchases are impacting budgets before the spend is committed.

No Control over Spending

Lately, you’ve been feeling like the company police, trying to enforce procurement policies and follow a purchasing process – sound familiar? You need a simple way to automate the procurement process and give people a tool they actually like using so you get 100% user adoption.

Organizations lose control over spending when people:

  • Buy goods and services in different ways through a variety of channels
  • Use a host of suppliers, some preferred and some not
  • Purchase items at multiple price points in varying quantities.

Supplier Friction

If your procurement process isn't automated or you haven't succeeded in on-boarding 100% of your suppliers to your purchase-to-pay solution, it's very difficult to get supply chain transparency, strengthen supplier relationships, and reduce supply chain risk.

You’re feeling the friction if:

  • Pricing discussions and contract negotiations are difficult because the process is complicated or suppliers are unhappy
  • You can’t focus time on optimizing spend with strategic suppliers because you lack visibility into spend
  • Suppliers are being paid late, must constantly follow up with your AP team on payment status, and don't have an easy way to exchange financial documents like POs, invoices, and contracts with your company.

Deliver e-Procurement Software for the Modern World

It's time to deliver an e-procurement solution designed to fit into the way people already work today so it becomes the easiest, most natural way for them to shop on the company's dime. People expect a consumer-like shopping experience, mobile capabilities, advanced search functionality, personalization, and an e-procurement solutions that gets them what they need easily and quickly. When people have an e-procurement solution that makes their lives easier and gets them orders quickly, they will use it every single time.

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Get 100% User Adoption

The number one key to success in e-procurement is user adoption. If people don't use the system, it's pointless. When everyone is using the solution to buy goods and services, you get automatic compliance with procurement policies and spend funnelling throuugh proper channels to preferred suppliers. This means increased compliance, streamlined processes, and more time for you to focus on strategic initiatives. For you to be successful, solve business challenges, and shift to a more strategic procurement organization, you need 100% user adoption.

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Get 100% User Adoption

“Basware remains in the Leaders quadrant based on its strong market understanding, vertical industry strategy, product offering and customer experience (CX). Basware is well-suited for multinational organizations moving to digital procurement and seeking to automate invoice processing.”

Gartner Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites, 2018
Be a More Strategic Procurement Organization

Be a More Strategic Procurement Organization

Once you have a solution in place and 100% user adoption, all spending happens in one place and you're in the position to evolve into that strategic procurement organization and:

  • Make better business decisions with 100% spend visibility and actionable insights
  • Forge collaborative relationships with key suppliers and source innovation that creates a competitive advantage
  • Elevate the procurement team's status to support stakeholders internally and externally

With spend visibility and increased control, you're in the position to:

  • Drive cost savings and reliability by consolidating the supply base
  • Optimize spend through a phased approach
  • Seize discounts by combining orders and purchasing in volume
  • Negotiate more favourable contracts with strategic suppliers
  • Strengthen supplier relationships and source innovative products and services
  • Safeguard against risk and supply chain disruption
  • Become a strategic business advisor to the rest of the company.
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Choose Basware Purchase Manager

Basware offers the most advanced e-procurement solution on the market to achieve 100% user adoption and automate the entire process. But it’s not just about an intuitive UX, it’s the advanced technology beneath the surface that sets us apart.
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Benefits of Basware Purchase Manager


You can’t optimize what you can’t see – it sounds obvious, but it really is difficult for organizations in a manual environment to understand how money is being spent across their organization. When you have an e-procurement tool that people like using and you have all your procurement automated, you can begin seeing the opportunities to gain control and save money.

With spend visibility you can:

  • Spend against budget so you can see how budgets are faring
  • Spend by supplier so you can begin consolidating the supply base and get volume discounts
  • Managed versus unmanaged spend so you can see the areas where there’s work to be done
  • Contract spending so you can see if people are buying on-contract to realize negotiated savings
  • Spend by category and direct versus indirect spending so you can understand the largest types of spend
  • Rogue spenders and approvers so you can identify individuals who need additional training to ensure spending is approved before it’s committed
  • The details behind high-level trends and patterns.



You can even automate control and compliance without being the spend police. Get more spend under management by giving your uses access to technology like:

  • eCatalogs and webshop punchouts that reflect the latest negotiated prices and items so users have many approved options to choose from without going outside the process
  • In-context help designed to enable users to choose preferred vendors and the best-priced options, and receive notifications for policy violations upfront, instead of the requisition getting rejected after submission
  • SmartSearch functionality that uses a highly intelligent algorithm to automatically select and suggest the best option of available products to the end user based on various circumstances that factor into the decision - location, price of day, delivery, reliability etc.


With 100% user adoption and advanced procurement technology, savings automatically flow in as you focus on the ways optimize spend and:

  • Analyze complete spend data across your entire organization
  • Collaborate with happy suppliers to negotiate better contracts, purchase in volume, and source innovation
  • Streamline processes and eliminate efficiencies.

2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant

2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant

Procurement Solution Map personas

Procurement Solution Map personas

2017 eProcurement Wave Report

2017 eProcurement Wave Report

Procurement Technology of the Year

Procurement Technology of the Year

Key Features of Basware Purchase Manager

Line Level Approval Workflows

You know what causes rogue spending? Slow orders. With Basware, we ensure your users get what they need quickly by using line level approval workflows. This means that as each individual item is approved, POs are automatically generated and orders placed – regardless whether different approvers are involved. Other solutions make the user wait until all items in their requisition are approved before placing orders, slowing the entire process way down and harming user adoption.

Real-time Budget Visibility

This proactive approach to managing spend gives managers the visibility to see how purchase requests impact budgets as the requests are being made in real-time, so they can make informed decisions as to whether to approve or deny the requests based on their budget amounts. Prevent budget overages before they happen and make sure spending is approved before it happens.

Basware Virtual Assistant

The Virtual Assistant is an intuitive and conversational chatbot that leverages natural language processing and artificial intelligence to help simplify procurement processes, enabling users to easily find purchase orders and order requests and receive items into the system. The user simply chats with the Basware Virtual Assistant just like they would with another human and the Virtual Assistant takes care of the searching, navigating, and locating in the e-procurement solution, serving up the information the users’ needs.

Purchasing Experience

In a world dominated by on-demand technologies, users expect an experience exactly like consumer shopping provides. Basware makes this possible for B2B shopping as well. Powered by an advanced database of product information, easy catalog uploads from suppliers, punchouts that allow users to visit suppliers’ websites (e.g. Amazon, Staples, etc.), and a delightful navigation, this functionality gives users the familiar shopping experience they’re used to while you reap the benefits of up-to-date pricing and item selection. This tool also makes it easier for you to collaborate with suppliers and easily request prices on new items.

Strategic Sourcing

Basware’s goal is always to help you simplify operations and spend smarter. One way we do that is by enabling you to automate more of your daily life – that includes sourcing events. Our sourcing functionality delivers automated capabilities so you can be more strategic about how you request bids, host sourcing events, and connect with new suppliers.