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True visibility into 100% of your Data on Day 1

Data that Drives Decisions

Turn your valuable spend data into actionable insights.


Purchasing Analytics for Accounts Payable

Basware's embedded purchase to pay analytics gives you powerful insights into 100% of your financial data – prioritizing opportunities for savings and growth!

Most organizations begin by trying to capture spend data at the requisition level but this requires an overhaul of internal processes, chasing down employees to enforce compliance and managing an ever changing list of supplier catalogues – ALL to capture on average 26% of actual spend within your organization.

With Basware’s Analytics – you don’t have to change a single thing. Once you've implemented our AP automation solution, we work to onboard your vendors and streamline your payments throughout implementation. That means, on Day 1 of Go Live, you can see 100% of spend in your platform.That includes direct, indirect, On or Off PO, On or Off Contract, recurring payments, utilities, expenses and more.

You'll be empowered to fix process bottlenecks, improve efficiency, control spend and detect fraud. You'll get the tools you need to help you more accurately forecast cash flow, optimize working capital, minimize risk and map out where to take the company next.

Powerful insights into financial data

Empower solid decision making

Empower solid decision making

Base your next move on the numbers and leverage actionable insights to track effectiveness. More accurately forecast cash flow and plan for the future.
See fast ROI

See fast ROI

Get started right away with ready-made dashboards for immediate insights into purchase-to-pay process metrics, suppliers, spend and payments.
Visualize the future

Visualize the future

Use predictive and prescriptive analytics to see how potential decisions could affect the organization and impact cash flow.
Analytics for Accounts Payable

Analytics for Accounts Payable

  • Improve efficiency by monitoring invoice processing times
  • Identify opportunities to reduce errors and exceptions
  • Capture early payment discounts by removing process bottlenecks
  • Predict invoices at high risk of being paid late
  • Minimize risk and fraud
  • Manage all spend including PO and Non-PO, direct and indirect in one place
Analytics for Procurement

Analytics for Procurement

  • Track on-budget, on-contract and maverick spend across organization
  • Drill down by spend category, vendor, geography or business unit
  • Identify opportunities to speed up approvals and fulfillment
  • Manage supplier performance
  • Right-size the supplier base
  • Use data to support strategic sourcing
Analytics for Top-Level Managers

Analytics for Top-Level Managers

  • Get both insight and oversight into all levels of your organization – even on-the-go with mobile analytics
  • Rely on smarter forecasting with predictive insights offering optimization and cost-saving opportunities
  • Compare companies, countries and business units for a holistic overview
  • See role-based dashboards and drill-down into root-cause analysis
  • Build easy ad hoc reporting when needed
  • Share insight across the entire business to aid strategic planning

"We have more visibility than we ever could have imagined, our CFO looks at the reports every day. The data has prioritized the areas our team needs to focus on to see greater efficiency and costs savings."

We have proven our value many times over and now have a seat at the table when it comes to strategic planning for growth initiatives within our business.

Head of Purchasing, a Healthcare Organization
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