Eliminate Paper Invoices to Transform your Accounts Receivable Operations

Remove paper from your accounts receivable and go electronic with e-invoicing, e-orders, and digital archiving.

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Electronic invoicing with Basware

Are you an organisation sending a high volume of invoices to your customers or struggling with multinational requirements?

Manual and inefficient processes, combined with multiple, complex requirements for invoicing, and ensuring global compliance quickly becomes overwhelming in a high-volume situation. There's a better way – electronic invoicing with Basware.

What is E-Invoicing?

Electronic invoicing (also referred to as e-invoicing) automates and streamlines the process of sending invoices to customers. E-invoicing delivers many benefits to supplier organisations sending a high volume of invoices annually, including:

  • Reduction in invoice sending costs
  • Fewer errors and exceptions
  • Faster invoice processing and approval
  • Better visibility into transaction status
  • Shortening of payment cycles
  • Decrease in day sales outstanding (DSO)
  • Better ability to forecast cashflows

How Basware E-Invoicing Can Help

The Basware Network connects you to all your customers across the globe. With Basware, you can receive purchase orders and send invoices electronically through a single access point. Businesses, public sectors, and consumers can receive invoices in the formats they want, requiring no operational change on their side and making it easy for them to pay promptly. You do not have to keep track of recipients’ preferred data format or transfer method as Basware takes care of it automatically.

Eliminate Paper Invoices and Manual Processes

No matter how big or small your organisation, if you’re sending paper invoices, you’re likely facing several challenges – errors and exceptions, high processing costs, lack of visibility, lengthy processing cycles, and late payments. With the Basware Network, you can send 100% of your invoices electronically, to gain processing efficiencies and cost savings.

Ensure Global Operations and Compliance

Global e-invoicing regulations are complex, and the consequences of non-compliance are server. The Basware Network is already used by over 2 million organisations in over 175 countries. Basware is a certified PEPPOL access point and supports global e-invoice formats and VAT taxation in more than 50 countries, ensuring that you comply with global invoicing and archival regulations.

Want to keep up to date with global e-invoicing compliance?

Use our Global Compliance Map to stay updated on global compliance and e-invoicing regulations country by country. 

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Improve On-time Payment Performance

Paper invoices result in lengthy processing cycles and late payments and you have no visibility into transaction status at any given time. With Basware you can significantly accelerate invoice processing and approval, resulting in more timely payments and a reduction in Days Sales Outstanding (DSO).

Greater Visibility Into Transaction Status

Gain real-time visibility into invoice and payment status so you can improve your cash-flow forecasting capabilities. This visibility also means fewer inquiries into your customers’ AP departments, saving you time that can be spent on more value-added activities, like customer relations and business growth.

E-invoicing Customers

The main advantages for us are the cost savings, the international legal compliance, and the ease of outsourcing. Electronic invoicing also provides significant financial, operational, and ecological benefits to our customers.


E-Invoicing Software Capabilities

Invoice Submission

It only takes one step to send invoices to all your customers, regardless of size, type, or location. Simply send your invoices electronically to Basware and we’ll take care of validation, format conversions, and invoice routing. We support multiple options for sending invoices:

B2B Integration: There isn’t a format we can’t accommodate, making it a breeze to onboard customers. e-Invoices are delivered through the Basware Network directly to your customers’ ERP or AP systems.

PDF Invoicing: Send PDF invoices to your customers as true e-invoices. Simply send PDFs to a Basware email and we'll convert them for you. You send PDFs, but your customers get structured data that automatically flows into their system for fast, easy, and accurate processing.

Printing Services: If your customers can’t receive e-invoices or invoices by email, we also offer printing services. This way you can manage all of your invoices through a single solution.

Order Receipt

Automate your accounts receivable process by receiving orders electronically and directly into your order processing system. Basware converts them into the electronic format and routes them directly to your order system. This service captures information from purchase orders in PDF format, leads to better data accuracy, and faster order processing. Through the integration between your order system and your ERP, high-quality order data that comes through your order processing system can then be used to generate invoices.

Invoice Status

Basware fosters better buyer-supplier relationships by providing suppliers enhanced visibility around invoice & payment status. There are two ways to accomplish this.

Invoice Tracker: The first option is an invoice tracker, which shows your transaction status regardless of how you send the invoices. With this option, there is no need to register to the portal; you receive actionable emails with links to the portal that can be used to track invoice status and payment.

Supplier Portal: The second option is an enhanced portal experience for registered suppliers—an easily searchable document clearinghouse where you can view all invoice and credit memos tied to a purchase order. You can also check invoice status, invoice adjustments including chargebacks, and payment status.

Invoice Archiving

No more handling paper invoice files, saving PDFs, or worrying about tracking archiving regulations by country. Ensure local archiving compliance automatically - store the invoices you've sent and received in the Basware Vault. Users can set up multiple vaults and invoices flow automatically to the correct place and are kept safely meeting local rules. Make your records tamper-proof and safe from deletion with cutting edge technology, digital signatures, and unalterable storage solutions. When you need something, it’s fast and easy to find it.