To manage a large supply base, it’s typical for companies to continuously update product catalogs, availability and prices. Keeping track of changes and ensuring that catalogs are current, comply with negotiated contracts and are quickly available across the organization can be a daunting task without the right tools.

Basware Catalogs solves this problem by making it easy to connect and collaborate with your key suppliers and receive catalogs in electronic format. Our catalog management service provides you with full visibility into item-level pricing changes and enables you to publish these changes directly into Basware Purchase.

By improving supplier collaboration through our catalog management service, supplier participation increases and you gain greater savings and value from your negotiated contracts.

Basware Catalogs is a win-win solution for buyers and suppliers alike. Here are some of the benefits:

  • Increases supplier participation and collaboration with simple on-boarding that enables them to easily distribute their catalogs online
  • Streamlines catalog format conversion and management, enabling purchasing staff to easily receive, review and publish supplier catalogs
  • Enables easy catalog-based purchasing, so you can realize greater savings through contract compliance on negotiated prices 
  • Increases accuracy of spend analysis and financial reporting, with automatic account assignment and category code binding  that eliminates errors generated by manual coding when requisitions are created
  • More choices to identify and connect with the right suppliers and buyers across the Basware Commerce Network, the world’s largest open commerce network

Basware Catalogs is part of our Basware Procurement solution suite, which connects with the Basware Commerce Network to help you easily identify, collaborate and transact with suppliers globally.  Other Basware Procurement solutions include: Basware Purchase, Basware Contracts, Basware Analytics and Basware Mobile.

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