How you can realize greater control over your business’ spend.

In today’s economic and business climate, the need for better financial agility around the control and management of company expenditure has never been more important. Yet research has shown that many companies miss out on huge annual cost savings because of inflexible company expenditure systems that do not empower people to make the right decisions that create sustainable savings.

Cost isn’t the only concern. A dramatic shift is underway with suppliers and supplier management excellence increasingly seen as a source of competitive advantage. Progressive businesses see collaboration with suppliers as key to value creation.

Basware’s Procurement is a new, people-friendly solution that allows  to buy better.

It has been created to overcome the key barriers to e-Procurement success: end-user acceptance and adoption. The solution is incredibly user-friendly, combining unrivalled ease-of-use with an end-user experience inspired by the most intuitive consumer e-commerce sites. The result is increased adoption levels, deeper savings, increased spend under management and greater on-contract purchasing. All this helps to ensure that the value created during supplier contract negotiations is fully realized.

Basware Procurement focuses on providing you with three key capabilities:

Know what you buy

Know what you buy with Basware ProcurementWith Basware you’ll have immediate visibility over all invoice spend by category, supplier, organization, and geography. Our procurement solutions provide real-time performance insights, including process bottlenecks and compliance issues. Financial control and decision-making is easier with KPI metrics shared between procurement, finance and business users. It also empowers accountability for budget tracking to everyone in the enterprise.


Connect with the right suppliers


Identify, collaborate and transact with suppliers globally across the world’s largest open commerce network. End-users are directed to purchase from negotiated contracts and preferred suppliers. Our procurement solutions’ real-time collaboration gives end-users confidence over availability and supply, and creates stronger supplier relationships. And it’s easy to get your suppliers activated through Basware’s on-boarding and catalog content services.


Capture the savings

Capture savings with a user-friendly procurement solutionThe consumer-style shopping experience is simple, with 1-click purchase requisitions from approved catalogs. The contract compliance engine ensures purchases are based on frame agreements where appropriate. Plus, stunning end-user analytics ensure good financial management across the business with anytime, anywhere access to the data you need via mobile and tablet apps.


Easy to integrate, rapid ‘Time to Value’

Basware Procurement can be easily extended into a holistic purchase-to-pay solution that integrates with existing systems, so there is no change to your financial back-end infrastructure. Rapid implementation and ‘Time to Value’ is assured via best practice templates and support. Forget expensive, laborious IT installations, instead think rapid, efficient, cost-effective cloud models.

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