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Suppliers send a huge number of invoices in PDF format to customers every day. Because of this, large buying organizations typically have to spend a lot of time capturing and validating the data from these invoices.  It’s not only an error-prone process but it’s also much more expensive than end-to-end true e-invoicing.

With Basware e-Invoice Email Lite, the problems of PDF and paper invoices are solved. Now you can receive true e-invoices from even the smallest of suppliers quickly and easily. You will save costs and gain efficiencies by eliminating manual processes. The beauty of it all is that your suppliers can continue to send PDF-based invoices via email, but you will receive them as true e-invoices directly into your AP system. And, those suppliers that are currently sending paper invoices have a free and easy option to start e-invoicing with you.

Fast, easy invoice processing. No changes for suppliers.

Basware e-Invoice Email Lite extracts the data from PDF invoices for you and converts it to XML data.  Because Basware uses existing data from text embedded in the PDF invoice rather than reproducing it from an invoice image, errors are avoided and invoices are processed faster.  Your suppliers don’t have to change their current processes or learn to use a new system. All your suppliers need to do is to register online and select a new email address that they will use when sending e-invoices to you. This service is free-of-charge for suppliers.

Service features include

  • Creating true e-invoices (XML header-level data extracted from the PDF)
  • Support for invoice attachments
  • Online process for supplier on-boarding

Benefits to buyers

  • Enables you to receive true e-invoices from all suppliers
  • Reduces errors compared to manual processes
  • Saves time and costs
  • Provides process efficiencies
  • Reduces paper
  • Fast supplier on-boarding

Benefits to suppliers

  • No cost to participate
  • No changes required
  • Easy to use, simple registration process
  • Enables faster payments

Basware e-Invoice Email Lite enables you to receive true e-invoices from suppliers of all sizes – quickly and effortlessly.  With all barriers removed, you can enjoy the benefits and savings that e-invoicing delivers.

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Receive true e-invoices from even the smallest of suppliers. Free and easy for suppliers - high quality data for you to enable invoice process automation.

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