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Do you have 100% spend visibility today?

Does your organization have the volume, the quality, and the completeness of data to move the business forward and leverage technological advances in the market? Are you able to make decisions with confidence, knowing you're seeing the full picture? If you answered 'no' it's time to learn how you can achieve 100% spend visibility today with Basware.

Why You Need 100% Spend Visibility

Why You Need 100% Spend Visibility

Visibility is the foundation from which you can achieve all of your strategic business goals - from gaining control to producing savings to generating working capital to propel your organization ahead of the competition. It all starts with what you can see. If you're only seeing part of the picture, you're only going to get part of the way to your goals. You need to see everything; you need 100% spend visibility. 

How to get 100% Spend Visibility

100% spend visibility starts by centrally capturing and leveraging all your transaction data -  gathering as much financial data as possible into a single platform that is intelligent enough to aggregate this information and serve it up in a way that empowers you to get insights and take action. In order to reach a mature level of insight-driven data, you'll want a partner who understands this and is driving the future of sourcing, procurement, and finance.

Here's What You Need

100% Supplier Connectivity

The Basware Network is the largest open business network in the world and our foundation to connecting to 100% of your suppliers. Most source-to-pay (S2P) systems are only designed to serve the most sophisticated suppliers, who can send XML or EDI invoices. But this leaves out mid-size suppliers and excludes small businesses still sending paper invoices. Basware, on the other hand, caters to all levels of suppliers, from the largest multinational organizations to the smallest of mom and pop shops, and accepts all invoice formats - without making suppliers change how they operate today. All they have to do is change the "to" field in their emailed invoices or mailing address. This means they keep sending their preferred invoice formats and the Basware Network automatically converts it into a true e-invoice for delivery to your system.

100% User Adoption for e-Procurement

Our e-procurement solution fits seamlessly into the way that employees already do their job. They use the solution not because they have to, but because it’s the easiest way to order the goods and services they need. In order to achieve 100% user adoption, the Basware e-procurement solution is built with the user in mind, not the procurement department. With features like line-item requisitioning, dynamic routing and approvals, and guided buying, we make it easy for users to quickly find what they want and buy what they need from preferred vendors at negotiated prices. This means no more maverick, unapproved spending; no more surprise invoices; no more trying to force people into compliance - just easy orders and happy users.

100% Invoice Capture

Most S2P systems are only good at automating the invoices that originated from the indirect procurement solution. But this leaves out all your direct invoices, non-PO invoices, any facilities invoices, and invoices generated from manufacturing. Basware is truly the only S2P provider that can capture all of your spend, regardless of invoice type. All invoice types, from paper to PDF, are processed through our true AP automation hub, capturing 100% of your invoices in the process. We also have the unique ability to integrate with multiple ERPs and other finance systems simultaneously, meaning you can truly capture all spend, match invoices, and automate approval workflows - consolidating your data in one platform.

Benefits of 100% Visibility

100% Data Capture

When you're capturing 100% of your data, you're not only getting 100% spend visibility but also seeing data related to processes. This means you can also power continuous process improvement and increase user compliance by seeing metrics like:

  • How long it takes you to process an invoice
  • Which invoices are at risk to be paid late
  • How fast orders are being approved
  • How many invoices you're receiving from suppliers
  • How much you're paying for goods and services
  • How many exceptions you're handling each month
  • Who is maverick spending, and who is approving it
  • How suppliers are performing
  • And so much more...

Future Proofing

The more processes that run through Basware's solutions, the better quality and completeness of data received. Emerging technologies like AI and machine learning feed on this historical trend data and need it to be effective. Data enables applications of these technologies like:

  • Guided purchasing and user support to quickly find the items they need based on past purchases
  • Predictive analytics that allow you to see your spend trends and helps better inform future decisions based on past spend habits
  • Benchmarking your organization’s performance against other organizations on the network
  • Smart coding technology that helps automate exception handling
  • Automated product mapping for suppliers if they don’t know the right product categories​.

Risk Mitigation

Gaps in your data and holes in your processes open the door for risk and fraudulent activities. The more historical data you can aggregate and monitor, the more likely you are to spot unusual activity from suppliers or employees. Also ensuring you're maintaining supplier data in one place helps eliminate an opportunity for confusion and errors.