Now you don't have to push paper to pull in data – it just happens.

What Basware Analytics can do for you

Too much data, not enough insights….sound familiar when it comes to your business? If so, you’re not alone in your struggle. But fortunately Basware has a solution: Basware Analytics is a single, centralised platform that consolidates all your invoice data, delivers 100% visibility across your operations, and gives you the ability to accurately forecast spend into the future.

With Basware Analytics, now you can:

  • Get a holistic view of realised and committed spend in one place (both direct and indirect spending).
  • Gain visibility into spend by organisation, category, supplier, cost center, GL accounts, or by managed versus unmanaged spend
  • Increase automation efficiency by identifying bottlenecks throughout the AP and P2P process.
  • Optimise cash flow and opportunities to increase working capital by generating predictions on upcoming payments and spend commitments.

How Basware Analytics put meaningful insights at the tip of your fingers

 Holistic Spend Analysis

Get a deeper view at how you’re spending, who you’re spending with, and what your cash flow looks like. With this information, it’ll be a breeze to identify areas of spend that are critical to keep operations moving.

 KPIs and Benchmarking

Capture efficiency targets. Achieve touchless invoice processing. And get your spend under control. All while seeing how you stack up against high performing companies.  

 Inform Decision-making with Predictive Analytics

Wouldn’t it be nice to see into the future to prevent late payments, capture more early pay discounts, increase e-invoice rates, resolve bottlenecks, and improve supplier relationships? Well, now you can.

 Supplier Quality and Performance

Measure lead time, order fulfilment, and delivery quality and performance all while setting realistic goals with suppliers, developing better procurement strategies, building high-performing supply chains, and reducing supply chain risk. Quite the list!

 Minimise Exceptions with Process Insights

You don’t want to waste time with invoice exceptions or get stuck in a bottleneck. Get your data together quicker to improve process efficiency and decrease invoice processing costs.

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 Measure Environmental Impact

Get greener and measure your carbon footprint over time and track that against other Basware users to make sure you’re keeping your sustainability in check.

Basware solutions are a perfect fit for:


    Globally operating organisations with a desire to harmonise all invoice processes across all locations


    More than 50.000 invoice transactions per year, across multiple formats (for less invoices, see P2P for Mid-Market solutions)


    Finance Shared Service Centers with a need for speed


    Multi-ERP environments by integrating with any ERP

What you can achieve with data-driven automation


touchless processing


electronic invoicing


paid on time

How Analytics drives value across your organization

 Don’t miss out on savings

Get a 360° view of your organization’s spend today and offer insights into the future so you can make more strategic, data-driven decisions.

 Smooth operations await

Identify and address bottlenecks in payment performance to ensure that incoming and outgoing payments are made correctly and on time. Double win!

 Optimize Cash Flow

By analyzing trends across spending, invoice cycle times, anticipated payments, and more, you'll be able to accurately predict short-term cash flow needs.

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The statistics from the Basware dashboard allow me to follow up very closely. We have been able to save 48% on our postal cost. That has proven the business case.


I was thrilled about how much easier our work would be and how it would help us improve our processes. And since then, the system has more than lived up to my expectations.

FFE Transportation Services Inc.

Why customers use Basware as their leading AP Automation Provider

True Automation

Cutting-edge technology powered by AI & ML that eliminates all manual processes

Complete Coverage

Global compliance capabilities and the ability to integrate with 250 ERPs across more than 190 countries

Deeper Expertise

40 years of specialized experience implementing best practices and reducing risk across finance operations

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