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Pay early, pay less – use dynamic discounts

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Improve your bottom line by paying suppliers faster and taking a discount for early payment. It's a win-win - they get paid early and you pay less.


Smarter Solutions for Dynamic Discounting

How discounting earns you bigger returns

See why suppliers are willing to swap discounts for earlier payments.

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Get more out of your working capital

Get more out of your working capital

We have found that suppliers are willing to accept a discount for early payment – optimizing cash flow for them and you.
Set dynamic discounts

Set dynamic discounts


Suppliers can see how much they will be paid based on when an invoice is approved for payment.

Minimize supplier inquiries

Minimize supplier inquiries


Cut admin time as suppliers can confirm payment status themselves and then benefit from cash flow predictability.

Set up is simple:
See how easy it is to implement.

See the three simple steps to setting up your discount program with a choice of flexible terms.

Basware Discount solutions: a win-win for buyers and suppliers

You get a discount and the supplier gets paid more quickly and reliably.

Why it works for buyers

  • Saves money by paying invoices earlier
  • Strengthens your supply chain with better relationships and reduced risks
  • Reduces supplier inquiries and time spent fielding requests
  • Speeds up e-invoice adoption

Basware Discount Factsheet

Discover how easy it is to improve your bottom line with discounts and improve supplier relationships too by boosting their cash flow.

Basware Discount Factsheet

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