Receive All Your Invoices Electronically

Eliminate paper invoices and processing costs from your payables operations with the Basware Network.

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Do you want to achieve fast time to value by eliminating paper invoices and all the errors, inefficiencies, and costs associated with them?

The Basware Network delivers the lowest friction option for supplier onboarding globally and enables you to receive all your invoices electronically by connecting you to all your suppliers. The Basware Network makes it easy to transact with over 2 million organizations and more than 220 global partner networks

What is E-invoicing?

E-invoicing (also referred to as electronic invoicing) automates and streamlines the process of receiving invoices from suppliers. E-invoicing delivers a number of benefits to buying organizations receiving a high volume of invoices annually, including:

  • Lower invoice processing costs
  • Fewer errors and exceptions
  • Faster invoice processing and approval
  • Better visibility into suppliers and spend
  • Improved cashflow forecasting

How Basware Can Help

As the largest open commerce network in the world, the Basware Network allows you to receive all invoice types on a global scale, making it easy for you to connect to 100% of your suppliers and gain 100% spend visibility. With Basware, suppliers don’t have to pay to join the Network. Suppliers can send invoices in their preferred format (paper, PDF, EDI, XML, etc.) and our integrated suite of solutions automatically converts and delivers those invoices electronically.

Eliminate Paper Invoices

No matter how big or small your organization, if you’re still receiving invoices in paper format, you’re likely facing several challenges – errors and exceptions, high processing costs, lack of visibility, lengthy processing cycles and difficult supplier relations. With the Basware Network, you can connect to 100% of your suppliers and receive all your invoices electronically, to gain processing efficiencies and cost savings.

Ensure Compliance with Global Regulations

Global e-invoicing regulations are complex, and the consequences of non-compliance can be severe. Our global suitability and scalability mean you can streamline operations in more geographies, aggregate more data for analysis, and achieve global visibility. With Basware, you have a single point of reference for all invoice data, giving you the best start for a comprehensive AP structure & process.

Capture 100% of Data Electronically

If you are like most organizations, you have numerous suppliers, all with different levels of technological sophistication. The Basware Network caters to all types of suppliers – from the largest multinationals to the smallest mom-and-pops. By supporting all formats suppliers can send invoices into the system, it’s easy and does not require them to change how they operate.

Build a Foundation for AP Automation

Once you are receiving all your invoices and data electronically, you are in a position to layer in accounts payable automation (AP Automation) capabilities to further eliminate manual tasks from your payables processes. With Basware AP Automation, you can drive touchless processing, accelerate invoice review and approval and increase the capture of early payment discounts.

E-invoicing Solution Features

B2B/EDI Connections

High-volume suppliers prefer a direct, B2B integration via EDI or XML so they can send invoices directly from their ERP systems without any manual effort required. Given that most of your invoice volume comes from this small set of suppliers, this is a great place to start in your e-invoicing journey.

Network Interoperability

Interoperability means you can connect electronically to more of your suppliers. With network interoperability, your suppliers that may use another business network to transmit financial data can continue using that network to send invoices and information to you. No change on their end means higher supplier adoption.

PDF Invoicing

If your email inbox is overwhelmed by PDF invoices that require manual handling, we can solve that with SmartPDF - our automated data capturing service for PDF invoices. This service simply takes any PDF invoice and automatically turns it into an electronic invoice. If you already have a dedicated email inbox for supplier invoices, a simple redirect is all you need to do.

Supplier Portal

The major benefit of the Basware Network is the supplier portal, where suppliers get real-time visibility into invoice and payment statuses, without having to call your AP department. They can flip Purchase Orders into invoices, upload invoice information using templates, or even key in invoice information for simple, one-off invoices.

Paper Invoice Processing

Like you have a supplier that still insists on paper invoices. Basware helps you convert their invoice data into an electronic format. When you receive a paper invoice, you can either scan and validate the invoice data yourself or let Basware do it for you. By using Basware to help, your organization eliminates the need to handle paper invoices.

"We hit over 60% of e-invoicing way ahead of schedule, and are now at 75%. Our aim for the coming year is to reach as high as 80 or even 90%. We believe this is possible with Basware on our side."

Lars Myhrvold, Administrative Manager of the Invoices received Group, UiO


AI Driven SmartPDF

Basware SmartPDF invoice capturing service easily extracts data from any machine-readable PDF, creating a touchless invoice automation process. Suppliers can email PDF invoices directly from their ERP system and Basware handles the necessary data extraction, content validation and augmentation process. An artificial intelligence component in the SmartPDF service automates the data extraction and mapping process, delivering higher data accuracy and throughput for clients.


The Basware Network delivers a comprehensive service that allows the exchange of electronic purchase orders and messages between a buyer and their suppliers. The service covers several different methods of electronic purchase order delivery (EDI or XML through the Basware portal and PDFs via actionable emails).

Advanced Analytics

Basware Analytics provides you with the information you need to increase your e-invoicing rates to drive efficiencies and savings in your purchase-to-pay process. You can quickly find out which suppliers are sending paper invoices and engage to convert them from paper to e-invoicing.  

Environmental Sustainability

A scoping study by Basware into the carbon impact of electronic invoicing revealed that switching from paper-based systems to electronic invoicing results in an estimated 36% reduction in emissions. Basware’s sustainability dashboard, available as part of the analytics application, shows customers their average CO2 index/invoice, enabling them to benchmark their index over time or against other organizations in our Network.  

Supplier Enablement

Basware Supplier Enablement Services accelerates and simplifies the process of onboarding suppliers. With these services, you can efficiently manage supplier onboarding campaigns, ensure a successful digital transformation, and improve supplier relationships. The onboarding process is supported by modern and easy-to-use tools, making onboarding a snap.