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Increase your ROI with payments automation.

Basware NetworkPay is an integrated solution that allows organizations to make check, ACH, virtual card, and wire payments. This takes automation a step further than the “ok-to-pay” that purchase-to-pay solutions provide by issuing payment to the suppliers once invoices are received and processed.

Error-Prone Transactions

Manual payment processes are not just costly but also error-prone. When dealing with hundreds or thousands of transactions it is very easy to enter the wrong amount or payment date or accidentally use old or incorrect supplier information. Even a small error can end up costing a lot of time and money to identify, correct and reverse these issues. Further, this can not only result in late payments and missed discounts but can also severely affect supplier relationships, if these errors happen frequently.

High Processing Costs

The costs associated with manual payment processing add up fast. Why? Because the process of tracking invoices, verifying payment amounts, and keeping up with supplier data is arduous without automation. This means your team is focused on these low value-add activities instead of more strategic projects and everything slows way down. And paying by check has a significantly higher price tag than electronic payments like ACH and wire transactions. If you're suffering from high operational costs, manual payments are likely contributing to soaring expenses.

Risk of Fraud

Payment fraud continues to be a very real risk and a problem for many organizations. Check fraud is still a prevalent form of theft and can devastate companies of all sizes. Electronic payments have a much lower risk of fraud and the more automated a process is, the less opportunity there is for someone to tamper with a process and steal funds.

Basware NetworkPay for Fast, Easy Payments

NetworkPay makes it easy to pay suppliers quickly without manual payment processes.

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Basware NetworkPay for Fast, Easy Payments

"Electronic payment and purchasing has clear business benefits. The more you get connected with your customers, the more likely it is that they will stay with you."

Klaus Dieter Leifgen, IT Manager, Toshiba TEC Germany Imaging Systems GmbH

How Basware NetworkPay Improves Your Process

Save time, reduce costs, capture early payment discounts, and improve your AP process – without changing how you operate. NetworkPay enables organizations to manage all their supplier payments from one, centralized location.

Cost Savings

Streamline those manual activities and save transactional costs. With the Basware NetworkPay solution, you can:

  • Save between $2 - $6 on every check and wire payment
  • Earn monthly rebates on virtual card spending
  • Decrease time spent executing invoice payments by up to 75%
  • Capture early payment discounts
  • Reduce the money spent on postage and mailing supplies.

Improved Visibility

Enhance visibility into your spend with centralized reporting of transactions involving all banks and payment types. Increase visibility to receivables and enable easy remittance reconciliation. All payment data is consolidated in one central hub for easier reporting and a full view of expenses.

Improved Supplier Relationships

Stop the need for supplier inquiries regarding payment status. Pay suppliers quickly and provide them with detailed remittance information. Build trust and reliability with payment certainty.

Features of Basware NetworkPay

ERP Integration

Manage all payments using your existing ERP(s). Connect data from multiple systems to manage payments, with seamless approval workflows and comprehensive reporting.

Single Payment Run

Execute all payments at one time. Make check, ACH, wire, and virtual card payments in a single payment run from ERP, without the need for multiple files. A single run eliminates the need for batch processing, approvals, and payment execution for each payment mode.

Fraud Protection

Gain security for all payment types with hierarchical password access, audit trail reporting, and separation of responsibilities across users. Avoid check fraud losses and liability with Positive Pay, an automated fraud detection tool.