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Change spend behavior

Encourage everyone to spend smarter by creating a culture of collaboration and spend stewardship – an approach we call WeProcurement™.

Give people a procurement-to-pay solution they actually like using, leading to greater user adoption, more informed financial decisions across the enterprise and more spend under management.

This means the procurement department spends less time policing the organisation and more time focused on strategic initiatives that help better manage working capital and business growth.

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Putting the 'We' in WeProcurement
Increase compliance and control

Increase compliance and control

Make the right spending choice the easiest thing for people to do in the natural course of their work with intelligent workflows and a consumer-style shopping experience.
Get more spend under management

Get more spend under management

Gain critical visibility into enterprise-wide spending and apply strategic approaches to saving money and spending smarter with procurement-to-pay.
Be a good customer

Be a good customer

Collaborate with suppliers in real-time to create stronger, more transparent relationships. Lower supply chain risk and transaction costs, and benefit from strategic partnerships.

e-Procurement: quick guide

Make e-procurement as easy as shopping online.

  • Get users the right items they need quickly to do their jobs better
  • Gain visibility into both purchase order (PO) and non-PO spend across the organisation with a true procurement-to-pay solution
  • See opportunities to right-size the supply base and negotiate favourable contracts
  • Drive process efficiency, compliance and control to empower strategic transformation
  • Serve up information to users when they need it to make the best buying decisions
  • Track spending on assets with costs and warranty information
  • See everything you have in stock, where and how much it’s being used
  • Enable functional leads to proactively manage and control departmental budgets
  • Leverage supplier relationships to benefit the organisation, elevate the status of procurement and support growth
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How to change spend behavior at your organisation

Change the spend behavior of employees across your organisation and reap the benefits from cost savings to improved data and compliance.

Inside stories: e-Procurement

Greater visibility into financial process helps cut government costs

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