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Join millions of organisations saving money and extending their reach on the Basware Network - the world's largest open business network.

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Basware Network

How do you get the most value from your Network?

Don’t just join a business network – maximise the value you get by joining the largest open business network in the world. The Basware Network is connected with over 220 global partner networks and over a million buyers and suppliers, making it easy to exchange financial documents electronically and access solutions and data to accelerate growth.

Low Supplier Adoption Rates for e-Invoicing

Many smaller companies struggle to send electronic invoices and find the extra time to log into various portals to submit invoices. You're probably seeing low e-invoicing rates with your current situation if:

  • Your current network charges your suppliers a fee and requires them to change how they operate
  • Your suppliers have to use multiple networks to send invoices and you're asking them to add another 
  • Your current solution can't automatically convert any invoice into a true e-invoice.

High Invoice Processing Costs

Manual invoice handling not only causes issues due to errors and inefficiencies, but the biggest problem is that it costs a lot of money across your operations.

You're losing money with every invoice if you are:

  • Not sending and receiving invoices electronically
  • Manually matching invoices to purchase orders, contracts, goods receipts, and quality checks
  • Communicating with suppliers across multiple channels.

Difficulty ensuring Global Compliance

Companies with global operations have a lot of details to keep up with when it comes to complying with new and changing regulations. Government-issued business-to-government (B2G) and business-to-business (B2B) mandates include different formats, processes, and archiving standards. Trying to manually track these regulations and ensure compliance is a challenge that can result in a lot of issues with properly calculating tax amounts, confirming invoice receipt, and collecting payments.

All the automation you need. All the partners you do business with.

The Basware Network makes it easy to transact and exchange documents electronically with over 1 million buyers and sellers and more than 220 global partner networks. This means your suppliers and customers are likely already on the Network or one of our partner networks. This makes it easy to send and receive purchase orders electronically, manage your vendor data, connect and pay partners, and get in on discount programs and savings.

The Basware Network integrates easily and quickly with your ERPs, procurement, and accounts payable solutions. In fact, we have experience integrating with over 250 different ERPs. By automating your invoice sending and receiving through the Basware Network, your organisation will also eliminate human errors, drastically save on processing costs, and ensure global compliance. 

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All the automation you need. All the partners you do business with.

"The solution supports just about any international invoice format and facilitates communication at all levels. Enabled us to quickly start sending e-invoices to our integrated EDI partners. It also easily delivers invoices to customers in paper or PDF."

Lode Reyskens, ICT Business Analyst, Philips

How the Basware Network Helps You

The Basware Network enables fully electronic business trading, whether you send orders and receive invoices, or receive orders and send invoices. Generate more savings, streamline your processes, and access solutions to optimise working capital.

100% Supplier Connectivity

The Basware Network offers a variety of integrated solutions so that your suppliers are welcome to join and can continue sending you invoices the same way they do today. ALL invoice types (paper, electronic, EDI, PDF, etc.) can be received, converted and sent to you as true e-invoices in 100% electronic format (i.e.- invoices with structured data formatting for machine reading without human intervention) through the Network. And the best part is, the Network is free and easy for suppliers to join. This means you can truly get all of your suppliers using the Network to send you invoices and receive other financial documents like purchase orders (POs) helping you achieve your targets like high e-invoicing rates and 100% spend visibility.

Significant Cost Savings

Processing costs are significantly reduced with the Basware Network as invoices are captured electronically. Processing electronic invoices results in significant cost savings. PayStream Advisors found that when a company receives more invoices electronically and automates their process, they can save over $12 per invoice in processing costs. When staff are freed from invoice handling, they can spend their time focused on other beneficial projects.

Global Compliance

Automate compliance across all B2G and B2B mandates that include different formats, processes, and archiving standards. You'll never lose sleep over compliance again. Basware is VAT compliant in more than 50 countries and a certified PEPPOL access point. We offer a solution that can be leveraged where you do business, and we monitor and analyse pending regulatory changes so you can focus on your business.

Gartner Magic Quadrant for P2P

Gartner Magic Quadrant for P2P

Forrester 2017 Vendor Report

Forrester 2017 Vendor Report

Leader in the 2018 IDC MarketScape

Leader in the 2018 IDC MarketScape

Key Features of the Basware Network

100% Invoice Capture

All e-invoices, regardless of format, are transmitted, converted, and delivered through the Basware Network. This means your AP team is only handling true e-invoices, no matter how your suppliers invoice you (paper, PDF, XML, etc.) And because we provide a solution that can capture 100% of your invoices worldwide, you can achieve 100% spend visibility.


Just as important as what the Basware network does for you is who you can connect with because of the reach you get with the Basware Network. Basware has thousands of buyers and suppliers connected to the Network (so many of your suppliers are likely to already be there), and we also leverage over 220 partner networks to extend our reach into new geographies and industries. So, even if your suppliers opt to use another business network, you can receive their invoices through a single connection.

Vendor Management Capabilities

Consolidate information about suppliers from multiple databases, making the latest data available to all departments in real time. Verify company data through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet. Invite suppliers to maintain their own information in the Basware Network to keep data up-to-date, speeding up payments and preventing errors.