Seamless ERP Integrations

Your complex ERP landscape doesn't scare us: We integrate with over 250+ ERP systems and any multi-ERP environment.

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Are you looking for ways to easily integrate your procure-to-pay solution with your ERPs and other financial systems?  

How Basware Can Help

Basware’s 35+ years of experience and advanced API technology for integrations, ensure that you can easily integrate Basware solutions within your existing ERP landscape.

Harmonise your ERP & P2P Landscape

Simplify your procure-to-pay (P2P) process and bring solutions together with Basware. With connections for over 250 different ERPs, we can simultaneously and seamlessly integrate your systems and deliver a single procure-to-pay process to your organisation.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk

Processing invoices in separate ERP instances is tedious, time-consuming, and poses risks due to human error. Solve these issues with Basware’s AP automation and seamless integration, so that invoices flow right into your ERP – ready for payment.

Aggregate 100% of your Financial Data

Use one P2P solution to aggregate your financial data across multiple, disparate systems. No more pulling, merging, and normalising information - just reliable, complete data ready for actionable insights and your accounts payable, procurement and treasury teams.

Build a Holistic Ecosystem through Integrations

Basware offers an open architecture enabling seamless, secure, and interactive integration across ERPs, apps and tech modules. Our best-of-breed ecosystem approach also enables you to capitalise on the latest in specialist services. Plug in, plug out’ via a certified open API and application partnerships.

Top ERP systems we integrate with

Basware has over 35 years of experience integrating with financial systems. Basware procure-to-pay solutions have integrated with over 250 ERP systems and more than 220 network interoperability partners. Whether you use SAP, Oracle, Microsoft, another ERP or a combination of multiple ERPs, we can connect to existing solutions in your technology landscape and deliver 100% supplier and spend visibility from our P2P core.

Basware Integration Approaches

There are several methods and delivery models available for integrations, such as open APIs and a combination of pre-built certified integrations to major ERPs. By offering a variety of integration methods and our 35+ years of experience, Basware significantly accelerates integration delivery.

Our integration models consist of standard integrations, advanced customised integrations, and partner ecosystem integrations, to support the needs of our diverse customer base. With Basware open APIs, you are in control of your integrations, regardless of whether the integration is done by you, Basware, or an integration partner.

Learn more about ERPs and other financial systems with Basware’s ERP Integrations whitepaper.

Why Basware? One word: Experience.


Basware is a certified SAP partner, a Microsoft Gold Partner, and has integrated with hundreds of other ERPs. Through Basware open APIs, master data and purchase order information from different ERPs is available throughout the procure-to-pay process. You can be confident that our P2P solutions communicate securely with your ERP environment - regardless of how complex it might be.


We provide the easiest and fastest ERP integration on the market. We have helped customers go live with their P2P solution in as little as six weeks! This is one of the reasons we were recognised in the 2020 Critical Capabilities report for integration and a partner ecosystem approach. The report states that Basware has strong integration capabilities, backed by strong feedback from reference customers for integrations with back-end ERP/financial systems.


Corporations with complex processes and a diverse technology landscape understand that integration can be a huge challenge. But our knowledgeable experts have developed an innovative solution and process to easily replicate integrations in every situation. Our consultative team works to understand your specific environment, needs for today and the future, and develops an approach that helps you easily integrate and capture 100% of your data in one place.

Learn more about the Business Consulting team.


  • Experience. For a major commercial vehicle manufacturer, we integrated Basware P2P with over 60 different ERPs.

  • Speed. We successfully integrated and delivered Basware P2P for a provider of multi-functional premises in just 6 weeks.

  • Expertise. A big retail company increased their invoice automation level from 20% to >70%.