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Join millions of organisations saving money and extending their reach on the Basware Network - the largest globally compliant open business network.

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Are you looking to easily connect to your suppliers across the globe?

Leverage the largest global, compliant, open commerce network to interact and collaborate with suppliers. Are you looking to easily receive invoices electronically, connect to your suppliers across the globe and ensure compliance with regulatory standards and reduce risk in your supply chain? You can do that and more with the Basware Network.

Joining the Basware Network also ensures compliance with global invoice receipt, processing and archival standards and protocols. In fact, Basware has been involved in the Pan-European Public Procurement On-Line (Peppol) initiative’s development for over 10 years and is a leader in global Peppol rollout and adoption. The Basware Network is supported by easy onboarding services, that require no fees to join. This means you can easily connect to all your suppliers – from the largest to the smallest.

Basware Network - How it Works

How Basware Can Help

The Basware Network connects you to all your suppliers to send purchase orders, receive invoices electronically and manage your supplier data, enabling you to eliminate manual processes, lower processing costs, and ensure global compliance with protocols such as Peppol, IDOC, cXML, UBL, EDIFACT, TEAPPS, Finvoice, OIOUBL, Svefaktura, and more. Basware is also a certified Peppol Access Point in many countries around the world.. The Basware Network integrates easily and quickly with ERPs and other financial back-end systems. In fact, we have experience integrating with over 250 different ERPs.

Connect To 100% Of Your Supplier Base

Not all of your suppliers are the same. And if you are a global organisation, with operations in multiple countries, the complexities associated with supplier interaction only increase. By offering multiple methods of engagement with suppliers to exchange data and documents, Basware ensures that you connect to all of your suppliers – from the largest multi-nationals to the smallest mom-and-pops, and the long-tail. Basware offers the lowest friction option for suppliers to increase supplier adoption and drive electronic invoicing.

Eliminate Paper And Manual Processes

No matter how big or small your organisation, if you’re still receiving invoices in paper format, you’re likely facing several challenges – errors and exceptions, high processing costs, lack of visibility, lengthy processing cycles and difficult supplier relations. We help drive cost savings and processing efficiencies by eliminating paper invoices. With the Basware Network, you can receive 100% of your invoice data electronically, right from the start.

Capture 100% Of Your Data For Increased Visibility

The Basware Network ingests all invoice formats (paper, PDF, EDI, XML, etc.) and delivers the data electronically to you without compromising data quality or forcing suppliers to change how they operate. Not only do we connect you to all your suppliers electronically, we capture 100% of your invoices for all types of spending (PO, non-PO, direct, indirect, recurring, etc.) – giving you complete spend visibility across the enterprise.

Ensure Compliance With Global Regulations

Complying with global invoicing and tax mandates is complex and the consequences of non-compliance can be severe. Basware can automate compliance across all B2G and B2B mandates that include different formats, processes, and archiving standards. You'll never lose sleep over compliance again.

Basware is VAT compliant in more than 50 countries and a certified Peppol access point. Our solution monitors and analyses pending regulatory changes, so you can focus on your business.

Want to keep up to date with global e-invoicing compliance?

Use our Global Compliance Map to stay updated on global compliance and e-invoicing regulations country by country. 

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Key Features of the Basware Network


Global corporations often have multiple ERPs and back-end systems, leading to costly integration projects and disjointed data access. But with Basware, we can easily and simultaneously integrate with your existing systems (we've integrated it with over 250 ERPs), making it a true central hub for all your financial data. Our solutions are certified to operate seamlessly with the world’s leading ERP systems, including SAP, Oracle, and Microsoft Dynamics.

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For Basware, it’s important to capture all financial data, so The Basware Network supports interoperability with other networks. In fact, we’re a long-standing sponsor in Peppol and a committed, active service provider on a mission: to connect buyers and sellers around the globe, seamlessly and efficiently. Basware’s support of interoperability extends to all important protocols and electronic document formats such as:  IDOC, cXML, UBL, EDIFACT, TEAPPS, Finvoice, OIOUBL, Svefaktura, and more.

So if your suppliers are currently using another business network to transmit financial data, they can continue sending invoices and information to your Basware solution. This interoperability, with over 220 partner networks, means you can connect electronically to all your suppliers to capture 100% of your invoices.

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Supplier Management

Organisations with decentralised payables operations, disparate financial systems, and manual processes often find they lack easy access to their supplier data. With Basware, you can easily consolidate information about suppliers from multiple databases, making the latest data available to all departments in real-time. You can verify supplier company data through our partnership with Dun & Bradstreet. Suppliers can also maintain their own information to make sure you always have the most up-to-date data, which speeds up payments and prevents errors.

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"The comprehensive Basware Network offers suppliers literally every possibility to deliver invoices electronically automated, manual and even outsoured. The sky is the limit!"

Hans Wolfs, Accounts Payable Manager, Renewi