Simplify Travel And Expense Management For Users And Managers

An easy way for employees to submit expenses, while capturing all travel and expense costs as part of your organisation’s overall spending profile.

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Are you looking to simplify travel and expense management to gain control over travel spend and increase employee satisfaction?

Employees want an easy platform to organise travel plans and submit expense reports. Managers want a similarly simple solution for reviewing and approving travel plans and expense reports. Basware Travel and Expense Manager makes both possible.

How Basware Can Help

Basware Travel & Expense Management (TEM) delivers best-in-class automation and configurability for travel and expense management, designed for maximum usability. For many organizations, outdated expense and travel management software paired with complicated processes are common challenges. Basware TEM combats these challenges with advanced automation, an easy to use interface and a wide variety of configuration options.

Bring More Spend Under Control

Leverage Basware Travel and Expense Management software to control more of your organization’s spend. The best way to gain 100% visibility into your travel spend is to plan, review, and approve all spend through a single solution. Travelers can submit a plan for manager approval prior to booking. This allows the expense claim to settle automatically if the final costs do not exceed the approved amount. Once a claim is filed, the money has been committed, keeping all travel information organized, recorded, and easy to access - and budgets in check.

Reduce Errors And Minimize Fraud

Basware Travel and Expense Management integrates with your travel agency, corporate card, ERP, and payment solutions. Because it integrates smoothly, it accurately pulls in hotel stays, car rentals, and company credit card purchases relevant to the claim. This means less opportunity for human error since employees don't have to manually comb through receipts to match amounts to trips and dates, enter information manually, or make claims. Automating this reporting also means less opportunity for fraud attempts.

Increase Employee Satisfaction

Mobile receipt submission makes reporting easy for employees. Employees can submit expenses as they happen on-the-go, meaning claims are submitted quickly and reimbursements are expedited. Basware TEM cuts paperwork and hassle to streamline expense reporting. Therefore, user adoption of your expense management system is not an issue, because it’s easy to use and employees are reimbursed in a timely manner.

"It’s just brilliant because our employees are now really interested in billing their expenses as quickly as possible. If they do it at the end of the month, they usually get the money from us before it’s debited to their credit card.”

Rune Pind Nielsen, Atea’s Accounts Payable Manager

Travel And Expense Management Capabilities

Travel Plans

Travelers can submit plans for manager approval prior to making any reservations. Travel plans can help proactively manage cash flow and control spend. They can also be used as pre-approved travel budgets. This keeps all travel information organized, recorded, and easy to access – keeping budgets in check. The expense submission process can be further accelerated by simply flipping a travel plan into a travel expense claim.

Expense Submission

Basware offers a modern user experience that makes expense capture, claiming, and approval quick and easy. Users can create expense reports from any device – desktop, laptop, or smartphone. The integrated receipt capture feature enables employees to take pictures of receipts right from their smartphones and attach images to expense reports through real-time uploading or from their photo library. Users can load expenses directly from credit card providers and electronically submit all charges and receipts for reimbursement.

Expense Approval

Basware makes it easy for managers to verify expenditures and approve or deny reports – from anywhere, at any time. They can quickly and simply notify submitters and approvers when an expense item is in violation of internal Travel and Expense policies. Credit card transactions can be matched to receipts and notifications configured for unmatched receipts and discrepancies. In the rare case that an expense cannot be matched, it is flagged for manual review. This simplicity ensures faster reimbursement of expenses, while remaining compliant with corporate policies.

Mobile Access

If you want a logical and straightforward way to capture expenses and travel costs, there's an app for that. Travelers can take pictures of receipts using smartphones, then upload and instantly specify the category of spend, amount, and other information needed to claim the expense. Expenses are waiting and ready when employees are ready to make claims, making it easy on users to submit and managers to approve, regardless if they’re in the office or on-the-go.