Basware Purchase to Pay

Basware Purchase to Pay

With over 30 years as a purchase-to-pay leader, Basware solutions easily integrate with over +250 different ERPs and offer the highest level of automated solutions for businesses of all sizes, geographies, and reach.

Read this factsheet to learn more about Basware Purchase to Pay and how our award-winning solutions provide:

  • AP Automation--to automate the most demanding of global Accounts Payable requests.

  • E-Procurement, to decrease maverick spend, increase compliant purchasing, and realise cost savings.

  • Strategic Sourcing--to support business growth through finding the best strategic partners for your organisation.

  • E-Invoicing--to send and receive electronic invoices (e-invoices) through the world’s largest, open commerce network.

  • E-Orders--to support the electronic exchange of purchase orders (POs)

  • Global Electronic Payment--to avoid late payments, optimise cash flow, and pay suppliers quickly

  • Dynamic Discounting--to offer supplier financing so suppliers can gain better control over their cashflow.