Receiving e-invoices

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Automate invoice processing and maximize cost savings

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Did you know that a typical company can cut accounts payable costs by as much as 90% simply by receiving all its invoices electronically?

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E-invoices make the process of handling supplier invoices easier, faster and more productive – it is one of the key enablers of a fully automated accounts payable function. Companies around the world are adopting e-invoices to streamline their operations, eliminate waste, and unlock the working capital value of innovative payment strategies.

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How receiving e-invoices will benefit your business

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With Basware, you can receive 100% e-invoices easily and securely – and directly to your invoice processing system or ERP, via the Basware Commerce Network. We take care of data validation, format conversions, compliance and digital signature verification. Most importantly, we help you ensure your suppliers are on-boarded quickly and easily.

  • Fully automate your invoice process. Receive invoices in the format of your choice, fully integrated with your accounts payable systems and complete with advanced reporting and support processes.
  • Meet global business requirements while supporting local needs. Our solutions are designed to handle even the most complex global enterprise needs.  Data validation, format conversions, VAT compliancy and multi-ERP, multi-country, multi-language support are all designed to meet your specific needs
  • Receive e-invoices from anywhere in the world. Basware partners with over 170 e-invoicing service providers across the globe, so you can receive e-invoices from anywhere in the world while maintaining compliance with regional and industry standards and regulations.
  • Enhance working capital with innovative e-payment services. Capture more discounts with efficient accounts payable processes, deploy dynamic discounting, or enable early payments to suppliers - all with Basware solutions.

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Receiving e-invoices


Companies around the world are benefiting from receiving invoices as true e-invoices. Now, we’ve made it easier than ever for you to do the same. Begin today and see the benefits for yourself.

e-Invoice Basic

250 + invoices a month

Receive e-invoices to your invoice processing systems

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  • Easy connectivity to any AP system
  • Basware Commerce Network
  • Basware Portal for suppliers
  • Invoice key-in & PO flip

e-Invoice Premium

500 + invoices a month

Fully customizable solution for receiving all your invoices electronically.

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  • Easy connectivity to any AP system
  • Rules-based data validation
  • Basware Commerce Network
  • Basware Portal for suppliers
  • Invoice key-in & PO flip
  • Scan and Capture Services
  • Application for in-house scanning (optional)
  • Supplier Activation Programs


Fully automate P2P transaction collaboration

Send purchase orders as e-orders and receive confirmations seamlessly integrated to your P2P processes.

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  • Easy connectivity to any P2P system
  • PO data conversion service
  • PO data routing
  • Supplier Activation Programs (optional)

e-invoice Pro

500 + invoices a month

Receive all invoices as e-invoices with full integration in your invoice processing system.

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  • Easy connection to all financial management systems
  • Basware Commerce Network
  • Portal for suppliers
  • Entering invoices and converting purchase orders
  • Scan and Capture services
  • Supplier Switching Applications

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