In the automotive industry, low document volumes can make it challenging for small and medium-sized suppliers and their, usually larger, buyers to exchange data. Additionally, buyers typically use paper purchase invoices, requiring document scanning with optical character recognition, which is both laborious and error-prone.

Eliminate paper and reduce costs

To make processes more transparent and deliver benefits to all stakeholders, Basware has developed a range of highly advanced, cost-efficient e-invoicing solutions. They enable both suppliers and buyers to quickly and smoothly eliminate paper and replace it with their preferred data formats and transfer protocols for data exchange.

Ensure full compliance with industry standards

Basware supports all common automotive industry standards, and participates in a number of committees and associations both nationally and internationally. For example, most major automotive manufacturers in the EU, the USA, and Japan have already implemented the Global Invoice VDA 4938 standard. Basware is active also in the VDA SME project, which is sponsored by the European Commission and aims to integrate small companies into the electronic value chain. Basware’s extensive experience in developing invoicing solutions for the automotive industry means we have the expertise needed to translate technical needs into innovative, cost-efficient solutions that benefit all stakeholders.

Key benefits for buyers

  • Instantly connect with a wide network of existing suppliers
  • Complete invoice validation, including mandatory and optional fields, accurate calculation, and tax compliance
  • Create individual reports and interfaces, with support for complex approval scenarios
  • Complete handling of supplier activation and onboarding for e-invoicing

Key benefits for suppliers

  • Complete SaaS solution for secure and cost-efficient data transfer
  • No costly process or interface changes necessary
  • Existing interfaces can be used for several buyers
  • Increased transparency and improved data quality
  • Faster and more cost efficient than paper exchange
  • Tax compliance including digital signature (if needed)

With e-invoicing customers in over 30 countries, Basware is the world’s leading provider of e-invoicing and purchase message solutions for the automotive industry. Thousands of automotive suppliers and manufacturers, including Audi, BMW, Daimler, MAN, and Volkswagen, use Basware’s platform every day to exchange electronic documents.