Why email makes sense

It’s hassle-free and cost effective. All you need is:

  • The ability to convert your invoices into PDF documents – there are several free applications available online
  • An email account

Benefits of Basware e-Invoice Email

  • Meet customer requirements for e-invoicing
  • Easy to set up – you send test invoices, we set up the service
  • Easy to use – simply create, attach, and send – we do the rest
  • Save money from day one by eliminating paper, printing, and postage costs
  • Retain full control – we handle the processing, you stay in control of your invoice process

Key features

  • Basic invoice data (XML file created by Basware)
  • Provided as a service – no additional software or hardware needed
  • Customer support – get the help you need whenever you need it, from initial activation onwards
  • Guaranteed delivery of e-invoices to recipients
  • Original PDF invoice included in the delivered e-invoice (where the recipient is able to receive attachments)
  • Digital signatures available as an additional service (see ‘What is a digital signature?’ below)
  • Full visibility over invoices sent and their current status via the Basware Transactions Monitor, our web-based monitoring tool

Detailed information and instructions

How it works

Basware e-Invoice Email makes sending invoices an extremely quick and simple process. The first step is to create your invoice using any program able to convert your invoice document into a PDF file, then save it on your computer.

Then all you need to do is prepare your email. There are no restrictions on the email software you can use, and when composing the email, all you need is your customer’s e-invoicing address. This address is used as a unique identifier to ensure that the invoice reaches the correct recipient (see ‘What is an e-invoice address?’ below).

You can nominate up to five different people as senders for your company. The sender’s email address acts as their unique identifier for the Basware e-Invoice Email service.

Once you have added your customer’s e-invoicing address in the email recipient field, simply attach the PDF invoice and send the email to our e-invoicing service, and we’ll convert it to an e-invoice and deliver it to your customer. Each email can only contain one invoice.

What is an e-invoice address?

It is a unique number allocated to senders and receivers of e-invoices. It is normally derived from the VAT, DUNS, or other company code. You will need to ask your customers for their e-invoice addresses before you can start using the service.

What is a digital signature?

A digital signature ensures the data integrity of the invoice during the sending process. If you are sending invoices from a country that requires digital signatures to be added to e-invoices, or if your customer is located in such a country, Basware can digitally sign your e-invoices for you.

Once your customer has received the invoice, you can download the digitally signed copy to your archive from the Basware Transactions Monitor tool, where you can also view a history of all your sent invoices and track the progress of invoices that have not yet been received.

Easy to set up

  1. Place your order using the order form, which includes a section for specifying the email addresses that you will use for sending invoices. These e-mail addresses will be activated as senders.
  2. Once your order is confirmed, all you need to do is send us 5-10 test invoices representing the different invoice types you use.
  3. We will contact you after we have processed your test invoices and your service is set up.

Easy to use

  1. Contact your customers and ask for their e-invoice addresses.
  2. Insert your customer’s e-invoice address in the email recipient field (e.g., where 123456 is the e-invoice address). You can leave the subject field and email body blank, since this data is not delivered to the recipient.
  3. Attach your PDF invoice to the email, press send, and you’re done!
  4. If there are any problems with delivering the invoice, we will notify you by email.


Making the move to e-invoicing is far easier than you might think. All you need to get started is email and the ability to create PDF documents. With Basware e-Invoice Email, it’s that simple.


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