With e-invoices, you can remove complexity from Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable processes and handle all your sales and purchase invoices via one single provider. More importantly, you can improve relationships with your customers and suppliers since e-invoicing enables considerable benefits for all business parties.

What is an e-invoice?

An e-invoice is an invoice that is sent and received electronically. An e-invoice in its best  form consists of two elements - data and image components. The purpose of e-invoices is to enable full invoice process automation and integrate customers and suppliers to one seamless, end-to-end electronic process. The data component of an e-invoice is used for process automation and the image provides a human readable presentation of the invoice used for workflow and archiving.  

Why should I start sending and receiving e-invoices?

E-invoices enable considerable cost savings, even up to 80%, as companies can get rid of time-consuming and manual processes, such as printing, filling envelopes, mailing, scanning, keying in invoice data, manual matching of invoices to orders and archiving. With e-invoices, you will gain faster and more efficient processes, while reducing manual work and errors. You will also gain greater visibility and control over your cash flow and spend.

The e-invoicing challenge

The main challenge related to e-invoicing is in the complexity. There is no single standard for e-invoices. Your suppliers and customers have various needs and ways of sending and receiving invoices, and legislation differs from country to country. No single method, like sending or receiving PDF invoices, is a solution. To solve the challenge, you need to either build extensive support for e-invoices yourself or outsource this complexity to an e-invoicing provider.  

Basware as e-invoice provider

Basware offers e-invoicing solutions as a service to all companies globally. With Basware, you can send and receive all your invoices electronically. We also provide solutions for scanning and printing paper invoices when needed, as well as processes and tools for activating and on-boarding your customers and suppliers into e-invoicing. Today we exchange more than 50 million transactions annually through our Basware Commerce Network which connects over 160 e-invoicing service providers and over 900 000 companies globally.

Start with 100% e-invoices today

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E-invoicing makes your life easier. It takes you from manual and paper-based processes to a simple, automated, secure and modern way of doing business.

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