Invoice Automation

Basware Invoice Automation brings robust automation to the accounts payable invoice handling process. It does this by associating invoices with purchase orders and payment plans, automating time-consuming, manual processes such as invoice coding, workflow, review and approval. By automating this labor intensive and repetitive process we ensure your process and your Accounts Payable department is a strong contributor to support both the bottom line and business growth.

Invoice Automation features

Basware Invoice Automation is our most feature rich solution that supports both public and private sector organizations in over 60 countries around the world. At its heart you find the same invoice processing infrastructure that you would see with the Invoice Pro solution. This is important because we expect our customers to grow and if their starting point has been Invoice Pro, we want the move to Invoice Automation to be easy and quick.

Common Invoice Pro and Invoice Automation features:
  • Advanced Workflow Handles Accounts Payable Complexity - Basware Accounts Payable Automation solutions include an advanced enterprise-class workflow engine with a high degree of flexibility
  • More Transparent Processes = Better Cash Management - Basware Accounts Payable Automation solutions include real-time visibility and control over all invoices across your organization
  • 100% Paperless Invoice Processing from Day 1 - Basware Accounts Payable Automation solutions include a range of supplier options to help you achieve 100% paperless invoice processing quickly and effectively
Features Unique to Invoice Automation
  • Advanced Matching + Seamless Workflow = Simplicity in Complex Environments
    • Invoice to Order Matching provides both header and/or line level matching capability against any purchasing system or group of systems – this typically is a HUGE win for our customers
    • Invoice to Plan Matching allows matching for recurring or ‘orderless’ invoices that would otherwise not be possible to automate – in most organizations these recurring invoices account for 10-15% of total invoice volumes

Basware Accounts Payable Automation benefits

Basware accounts payable automation solutions (and specifically Invoice Automation) provides both strategic and tactical benefits:

  • Spend visibility that lets you see your spend position for strategic, accurate forecasting
  • Full control over the invoice handling process, workflows, rights and business rules
  • Efficiency that reduces your transaction costs per invoice and streamlines accounts payable
  • Consolidation of all your purchase orders and payments gives insight to the whole P2P process and provides benefits across the organization

When the majority of your invoices can be matched to orders or payment plans – that’s called straight-through-processing and that equals considerable savings within a controlled process.

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