Discount Management

Leverage discount management capabilities for a more profitable, integrated payments strategy and to deliver direct benefits to the bottom-line.

Are you looking to accelerate invoice processing, so you can capture additional discounts?

Basware Dynamic Discount is fully integrated into Basware Procure-to-Pay solutions making it an easy and cost-efficient solution for capturing early payment discounts and delivering opportunities for working capital optimisation.

How Basware’s Discount Management Can Help

Basware Procure-to-Pay solutions enable you to streamline and accelerate your payables processes so you can approve and pay invoices early. Further, comprehensive discount management capabilities available as part of our solution suite make it easy to create discount programs and enroll suppliers in these programs.  

Improve Working Capital 

Better working capital management—for both buyers and suppliers. With Basware Discount, you can offer your suppliers an early payment program so they can capture an early payment discount and you can get paid quicker. Buyers will realise reduced supply chain risks and an accelerated e-invoice adoption where suppliers will get cash in hand quicker and improve their cash flow visibility. 

Buyer Benefits

  • Save money by paying invoices earlier
  • Reduce supply chain risks
  • Reduce supplier inquiries
  • Stronger supplier relationships
  • Accelerate e-invoice adoption

Supplier Benefits

  • Get paid sooner with less uncertainty
  • Improve visibility and control over cash flow
  • Use easy self-service onboarding
  • Improve control over receivables and boost cash flow
  • Lower days sales outstanding (DSO)


 Supplier Activation

Supplier activation is an integral component of any discount management initiative. Basware offers a number of tools to support this step. You can choose which suppliers to invite to discount programs and you also have the option to activate one supplier at a time (as you might with a new supplier) or you can on-board them all at once. You can activate suppliers yourself through the service or our global activation team can help you develop your activation campaigns and connect with suppliers. Your suppliers just need to opt-in and then you’re ready to go. 

 Automation & Analytics

Seeing the full picture is everything. Basware Analytics gives you a complete view of discount opportunities so you can capture all early payment discounts. When a supplier has enrolled in the early payment program, those invoices are flagged to ensure they are approved as quickly as possible. Additionally, separate workflows can be designated with the Basware AP Automation solution for invoices with early payment opportunities – all of this is designed to maximise your discount capture and make your early payment program a success. 

 Dynamic Discounting

Dynamic discounting gives buyers more flexibility to choose  how and when to pay suppliers in exchange for a discount. The “dynamic” component refers to the option to capture discounts based on the timing of the payment. In general, the earlier the payment is made, the greater the discount.

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