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Get expert advise and tackle your business challenges through structured and personalized approaches - designed for your business needs and goals.

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Enable Business Growth with Change Management

Our industry experts are here to teach you about the technology that we live and breathe every day. We partner with you, get to know your business, and apply our knowledge of best practices to help you achieve your business goals in a strategic way - enabling the change that powers growth.

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Basware Business Consultants advise you on the optimal way to develop and shape your source-to-pay strategy and processes to best achieve business goals. We offer global and regional experience, in-depth knowledge, and purchase-to-pay expertise.

Our consultants will work in close partnership with you to apply and establish best practices to transform your operations into strategic and cost-effective functions.

How we can help you

How we can help you

Partners from the Start

From the very beginning of your project, your dedicated Basware team ensures that you get the most from your investment. Your Business Consultant will work with you to understand your business goals and objectives. They will then offer experience, advice, and guidance to recommend best practices, business processes, and change management practices to kick-off your project in the best way to achieve short-term objectives and long-term goals.

With the help of your dedicated Business Consultant, you'll review your current ways of working and pin point areas for enhancements and opportunities for improvement. You'll receive an expert's view of your company who only has one objective - your success.

Once you have achieved your initial objectives, we help you maximize value by identifying how you can use Basware to drive further sophistication and maturity in your source-to-pay operations. In order to ensure your continual improvement and process optimization, you'll receive regular performance evaluations and strategic development engagements.

"Basware Business Consulting truly helped us set up an approach for bringing e-invoicing to our customers and KPN's own customer service and sales representatives. Building a good strategy takes some time, but leads to better results."

Hans Hodes, Business Consultant, KPN Shared Service Center Billing

Consulting services

Adoption Services

Business Consulting can make a big difference in the adoption of new source-to-pay processes and solutions. We help you maximize adoption in a few different ways:

  1. Change Assessment - With over 30 years in the industry, we're good at spotting what needs to change to get you moving on your goals. Our business consultants help you assess your current operations and build a recommended plan for success.
  2. Change Management Planning and Support - In order to make sure your organization successfully adopts the Basware solutions, we offer change management planning and support services to help you better understand who and what is impacted by implementing new solutions. But, it doesn't stop there. We even help you communicate this information and train your team.
  3. Global Deployment Support:
    • Standardization: Establish a baseline and build a clear understanding of the purchase-to-pay operations for global deployments for key regions, markets, and/or business units relevant to your business.
    • Roll-out strategy: Develop a phased approach for multiple regions, business units, and solutions. We'll consider things like change adoption, competing priorities, and complexity to ensure a successful global deployment for your organization.
    • Pre-roll out and post-roll out management: Before the first roll-out of your solution, we perform a "readiness assessment" to determine the preparedness of your regions and business units. Once they have implemented the solution, we work with you to identify other regions that may need to update processes, solutions, or integrations to meet your organization's needs.
  4. Post-implementation operational review - After you've accomplished the first round of business objectives, we take a look together at how you can get the most out of your current Basware solutions. We'll use data and analytics from the solution, discuss improvement opportunities, and suggest ways to better your overall process performance.

Maturity Services

Basware Business Consulting offers a variety of services that we call "Maturity Services." The goal of these services and evaluations are to help you continually improve and mature your use of Basware Source to Pay so you can maximize the return on your investment. Some of these services include:

  1. 360 Evaluation: In this evaluation, your Basware Business Consultant uses a holistic performance evaluation that includes a self-assessment survey, business partner interviews, a process evaluation, and a KPI review. What you end up with is a balanced view of your organization's performance across purchase to pay. Read more about the 360 Evaluation in this blog.
  2. Maturity Lab: Take it to the lab and formulate a plan with your Business Consultant to mature your business processes. You'll assess which maturity areas need to be developed first and then build an action plan designed to align you with top performing companies.
  3. Analytics Coaching: A significant value of using Basware Source to Pay is the data and actionable analytics you get from digitizing your purchase-to-pay process. Leverage our Business Consulting team to put this data to work and understand how to address and best apply the insights you're gaining.
  4. Purchase Category Review: Your Business Consultant will work with you to set up your procurement process and solution with the most optimal shopping experience for your end users, so you can achieve the highest levels of user adoption and get more spend under management.