Drive Touchless Processing and Gain Spend Visibility With AP Automation

Capture all your invoice data electronically, automate matching and workflow, and accelerate the invoice processing cycle.

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What is AP Automation?

Accounts payable automation (also referred to as AP automation) aims to optimize the process of receiving and processing of supplier invoices. AP automation enables more of your AP process to be touchless, meaning that most tasks are automated, requiring minimal human effort.

With AP Automation organizations can:

  • Receive all invoice data electronically and guarantee 100% data capture
  • Gain 100% spend visibility through complete and high-quality invoice data
  • Rid themselves of redundant manual work and let digital services cover repetitive tasks
  • Minimize exception handling through modern technology
  • Better seize early payment discounts through faster invoice processing

Push the Boundaries of Automation with Basware AI & ML

Push the Boundaries

Basware automates the conversion of machine-readable PDFs to e-invoices consistently with unprecedented accuracy above 97%.

ML and AI are changing how accounts payable, procurement, and finance teams work. Find out how these technologies eliminate manual exceptions and poor data quality, and enable increased data quality and accuracy.

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How Basware Can Help

Paper and manual processing are the enemies of AP efficiency. Basware AP Automation automates more tasks than other solution providers, creating a touchless experience for its users. Advanced automation means less human intervention and more efficient processes. Basware’s artificial intelligence and machine learning functionality is available at every point in the process – from invoice receipt and routing to automated matching and coding – adding value by speeding up tasks and eliminating errors.

Receive High Quality Invoice Data

With the world’s largest open commerce network, Basware Network allows you to receive all invoice data electronically from day one – regardless of how suppliers send their invoices.

With Basware you have a single data point for all invoice master data, giving you the best foundation for comprehensive AP structures & processes.

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Ensure Global Operations & Compliance

Basware supports 70+ e-invoice formats and enables VAT compliance in more than 50 countries. Basware’s global AP solution is used by over 2 million buyers and suppliers in 175+ countries.

Want to keep up to date with global e-invoicing compliance? Use our Global Compliance Map to stay updated on global compliance and e-invoicing regulations country by country. 

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Gain 100% Spend Visibility

With complete invoice data at hand, you have visibility in to how your organization spends money, who you’re spending it with, and the cash flow in and out of your business – allowing you to bridge the gap between data and strategic decision-making.

Reduce Manual Processes

Basware’s advanced matching and coding technologies and payment plans are designed to streamline your AP processes. Built on cutting edge technology, you can minimize exception handling and manual processing of invoices.

Realize Early Payment Discounts

Basware helps substantially decrease invoice processing cycles to speed up payments to suppliers. The earlier you pay, the more likely you may realize early payment discounts. With interest rates at a historical low, early payment discounts help remove cash from the balance sheet to generate profits.


We are very pleased with the visibility and control achieved in Accounts Payable. We are particularly impressed with the cost savings and efficiencies we’ve been able to achieve, as well as our ability to pay invoices promptly and close our books faster and more accurately.

Karen Higdon, Director of Accounts Payable, Sonic Drive-In

AP Automation Solutions

Basware Network

Leverage the largest global, compliant, open commerce network to interact and collaborate with suppliers. The Basware Network is supported by easy onboarding services, that require no fees to join. This means you can easily connect to all your suppliers – from the largest to the smallest.

  • More than 2 million active buyers and suppliers

  • Over 220 interoperability partners

  • Manage invoices in 175 countries across the world

  • Global e-invoice formats supported

  • Automated global compliance in more than 50 countries

Invoice Processing

Our vision for AP automation is to be touchless, we want to automate the entire invoice process. To reach this, all possible exceptions and deviations in the process need to be identified and automated, one by one.

Learn more about our AI powered touchless invoice processing.

With all invoice data provided by the Basware Network, our advanced AP automation helps to cut processing times and drive cost savings. Automate 100% of your invoices for all types and formats - EDI, XML, paper, PDF, covering PO and non-PO invoices for direct and indirect spending. Deliver high automation rates with superior data accuracy for a touchless invoice process.

For your organization, Basware’s advanced AP Automation means:

  • Less human intervention
  • Fewer errors & better data quality
  • More efficient processes
  • Cutting-edge technology powered by AI & Machine Learning.

Discount Management

Optimizing days payable outstanding (DPO) through accounts payable automation and discount capture, are excellent working capital opportunities. Basware optimizes these functions through automation that streamlines processes across the entire payables process and collects vital financial data for analysis.

Dynamic discounting enables organizations to release cash from operations without causing financial strain on your supply chain. With Basware’s Dynamic Discounting capabilities, you can use your excess cash to offer early payment to suppliers against discounts determined by the acceleration of payments.


Basware Analytics and Business Insights helps you to become insights-driven to continuously improve your AP process.

Actionable Insights

Critical KPIs at a glance, insights into process inefficiencies, and recommendations for improvements. Our specialized algorithms support your organization to identify bottlenecks in processes and address them, to make sure that invoice process is working, and incoming and outgoing payments are made correctly and on time. With late payments becoming a bigger issue for many businesses, this can be a significant boost to supplier satisfaction.

Better decision making with accurate forecasting:

Basware’s predictive analytics and committed spend analytics gives you a 360° view of your organisation’s spend today and offer insights into the future, so you can make more strategic, data-driven decisions.


The Basware Network makes it simple to compare suppliers against similar vendors, helping you to understand the market rates, track performance, and negotiate more favorable contracts.

AP Automation Capabilities

As the industry leader in AP Automation, Basware’s solution is designed to make touchless invoice processing a reality for your organization. Our artificial intelligence and machine learning functionality is available at every point in your AP process, adding value by speeding up tasks and eliminating errors.

Intelligent Routing

Smart routing functionality ensures that invoices are automatically sent to the appointed approval workflow, without the need for any manual effort. Based on the data on the invoice, the system automatically determines the recipient and sends the invoice along for coding and processing.

Automated Matching

Basware AP Automation enables the use of any combination of invoices, POs, goods receipts, quality checks, contracts, etc. at the line or header level for straight-through processing of PO-based invoices. And when information is missing, recognition methods review the available data to calculate the best matching scenario.

Coding Templates

You can apply coding templates to automate the processing of invoices for certain non-PO invoices based on supplier, commodity, and the requesting user. Data from the invoice header or invoice lines are used to define proper invoice coding and automate the process, reducing manual intervention.

Smart Coding

Basware AP Automation goes beyond just using pre-defined coding templates to deliver what we call “smart coding.” Smart coding automates invoices that are not linked to a purchase order or a payment plan. Based on historical coding and invoice header data, this functionality creates coding for incoming invoices.

Payment Plans

Another area where touchless processing delivers significant benefits is for recurring payments that may not have invoices already associated with them. Some examples of these are rent, utilities, mobile phone plans, etc. Basware AP Automation easily identifies recurring payments and supports the automation of these payments – whether they are based on schedules, budgets, or amounts.

It’s early days but we’ve quickly been able to achieve 65% end to end ‘touchless’ automatic matching in North America. This significantly reduces paper processing and enhances our internal controls over a large portion of our spend.

Oliver Piccard, VP - Global Financial Operations, Ritchie Brothers