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Right sized solution

Basware’s offering allows you to build a solution that fits your organizations particular size and needs.

From lean Midmarket P2P solution to full P2P solution optimized for large global corporations with more complex needs. You can select the modules which best fit into your existing system landscape and needs. From just receiving invoices to your current AP process in optimal format with Basware Network, to AP process automation, and further into spend management with Procurement.

Additionally, Basware offers more advanced AI and ML based features that can be selected on top to further enrich and automate the processes.


Basware’s solutions scale according to the selected functionalities and business volumes. You can start small, achieve concrete business outcomes, and then expand the solution according to your needs.

The subscription model offers a simple, predictable and scalable model for pricing. Select your commitment level – the more you commit to, the lower your unit costs. Additional fees only apply in case of additional functionalities or customisations.


Basware solutions can be delivered with a plugin delivery approach enabling rapid customer delivery projects utilizing the best practices blueprint configuration. The blueprint can then be configured further based on your process needs while already realising value from the solution and getting return on the investment in record time. According to Forrester, companies can with Basware’s solutions reach positive return on their investment in less than 12 months.


One of the biggest questions organisations ask when considering an automated procure-to-pay (P2P) solution is “How much will this solution save my business?”

Source-to-Pay Solutions

Based on the results they obtained, Forrester estimated that over a three-year period, organizations can realize 315% ROI and €3.2M net present value by implementing Basware P2P.

Read Forrester’s Total Economic Impact™ report to learn what Return on Investment (ROI) your organization can realize with Basware P2P.


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