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Accounts Payable Automation with 100% Invoice Capture

Capture ALL your invoices electronically and create a touchless invoice handling process.

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Ready to eliminate paper, prevent late payments, and tap into analytics to drive continuous improvement in AP?

We know the story: paper-based, manual invoice processing is making it difficult to be efficient in AP and pay suppliers on time. Different ways of handling varying types of invoices mean a disjointed, messy process and no visibility. High transaction costs, lengthy cycles, lost invoices, and errors are upsetting suppliers and preventing management from getting true visibility into financial data. You need a way to improve Accounts


Lengthy Cycle Times & Late Payments

When you're dealing with paper invoices and/or a manual workflow for invoice handling, processing cycles are long and payments get delayed. You have a lot of full-time employees buried in tasks with no time to add strategic value to the business. 

If this describes your AP process, you're likely seeing:

  • Frequent errors that lead to more exceptions 

  • Continuous enquires from suppliers into AP regarding payment status

  • Late payment fees and strained supplier relationships.

High Processing Costs

Manual invoice processing can cause issues due to errors and inefficiencies, but the biggest problem is that it costs a lot of money across your operations.

You're losing money with every invoice if you have AP staff:

  • Chasing approvals from spenders and managers across the company

  • Manually matching invoices to purchase orders, contracts, goods receipts, and quality checks

  • Processing recurring invoices each month.

Missing Data & Poor Visibility

In a manual environment, you're developing insights based on guesswork. Poor invoice quality and dealing with paper result in missing data, meaning more exceptions, increased risk, and no visibility into the overall AP process.

This means:

  • Your management team has no visibility making forecasting difficult

  • You cannot pinpoint process bottlenecks or reasons for high exception rates

  • A lack of analytics and performance data make setting KPIs and targets nearly impossible.

Invoice Processing with Basware AP Automation

Automate invoice processing for 100% of invoices for all types and formats - EDI, XML, paper, PDF, covering PO and non-PO invoices for direct and indirect spending. Deliver high automation rates with superior data accuracy for a touchless process whenever possible. Take advantage of analytics to gain insights into financial data - fix process bottlenecks, improve efficiency, and help better forecast cash flow.

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Invoice Processing with Basware AP Automation

“It’s definitely the Cadillac of AP systems. It has a good user interface, is user friendly, and is able to handle various exceptions and different scenarios.”

Ryan Martens, Director of Accounts Payable, Mohawk Medbuy

What Basware AP Automation Software Delivers

At a minimum, AP automation promises hard and soft savings - but when you choose Basware AP Automation, you're getting a solution with the sophistication to handle the intricacies of your business today and arm you with advanced technology for tomorrow.

Efficiency & Cost Savings

Enable faster invoice processing of 100% of your invoices to achieve lower operational costs and increased productivity; eliminate paper and manual activities; ensure on-time payments; avoid late payment fees; and capture early payment discounts. When your AP team has a touchless process, they can focus purely on exception handling or be re-deployed to more value-add positions.

Streamline your process when you automate:

  • Invoice workflow
  • Invoice coding
  • Dispute resolution
  • Invoice matching
  • Global tax compliance

Analytics and Insights

Become an insights-driven AP team with built-in analytics and actionable data. Dashboards within the solution help you:

  • Identify process bottlenecks
  • Benchmark against top companies
  • Predict and prevent late payments
  • Set KPIs for continuous improvement and monitor progress.

Risk Mitigation & Fraud Prevention

In a paper environment, a lack of visibility means risk exposure and the potential for fraud. But when you automate Basware AP automation​, you help:

  • Safeguard against lost invoices, duplicate payments, and erroneous payments
  • Ensure that approvals are secured and properly documented for audits
  • Reduce the opportunity for fake invoices, supplier fraud, and internal fraud
  • Ensure global compliance with varying requirements and standards
  • Keep budgets in check and prevent overages.

Named #1 by Gartner in P2P Suites

Named #1 by Gartner in P2P Suites

'V High' in Paystream P2P Navigator

'V High' in Paystream P2P Navigator

Leader in Spend Matters I2P Maps

Leader in Spend Matters I2P Maps

Features of Basware AP Automation

100% Invoice Capture

Receive 100% of your invoices electronically into your AP process on day 1, without making suppliers change how they operate. With the Basware Network and 220+ e-invoicing partners, your suppliers continue to send you invoices in their preferred format (even paper!) and Basware automatically converts these invoices into true e-invoices.

This means you can streamline your entire invoice handling process across all invoice formats and get unparalleled efficiency and accuracy. The fact that it covers all of your invoices means management and procurement teams get spend visibility and can accurately forecast cash flow.

Read more about 100% visibility.

N-Way & Best Fit Matching

Automate matching using a combination of invoice, PO, goods receipt, quality check, contract etc. at the line level and header level. N-way matching also supports additional costs and tolerances not on the purchase order. Use best-fit recognition methods to get more accurate matching results for header invoices. Matching starts with the standard purchase order search that queries purchase orders referred to on the invoice. Once one or many purchase orders are found, the system uses the invoice total to find purchase order items where the sum available for invoicing is equal or within the allowed tolerance.

All of this means AP clerks aren't manually chasing down this information for matching and you're saving significant processing costs.

Global Compliance

Ensure global compliance for invoice regulations and tax requirements automatically. Capture relevant tax rates from tax tables in your ERP/accounting systems or through integration with tax technology solutions like Vertex, Taxware, Avalara, Sabrix, etc. Perform tax calculations manually or automatically run the calculations and pass the information back to your ERP with the appropriate GL coding. You can even identify when the tax on an invoice is less than your tax liability and assign GL coding for the differential, so you accrue funds to pay to the correct taxing authority.

Read more about our compliance capabilities.


Smart Coding

With Smart Coding, you can even automate some of your exception handling. The solution leverages coding templates and machine learning capabilities to analyse previous coding data in the system and recommend proper cost allocations for invoices missing that information.

Learn more about Smart Coding.

Payment Plans

Automate transactions that are recurring in nature or transactions that do not require a PO or invoice, like utility or rent payments. Further eliminate manual intervention with a pattern-detection engine that prompts users when invoices meet criteria for payment plans, driving adoption and making more transactions touchless.

Learn more about Payment Plans.