Käytämme evästeitä mahdollisimman turvallisen ja tehokkaan käyttökokemuksen takaamiseksi.

Basware Network Pay

Basware Network Pay

Automate the last (but not least) step in your source-to-pay process with Basware NetworkPay. Thanks to Basware NetworkPay, it’s easy to make check, ACH, virtual card, and wire payments from a single payment solution. You’ll save between $2-$6 on each check and wire payment, earn monthly rebates on virtual card usage, and reduce the overall time spent paying invoices by as much as 75%. Imagine what your Accounts Payable (AP) could do with that spare time. 

Read our factsheet to learn more about how NetworkPay:

  • Will simplify your payment process by utilising a singular solution for payments

  • Provides a streamlined payment process for your suppliers and improves relations

  • Decreases Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) time to benefit both buyer and supplier cash flow